Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What size are your Thermometer Jeans?

Thermometer Jeans are your pair of jeans that tell you whether you are Hot or not. They are a much more effective and powerful measurement than the scale. They will absolutely tell you if your body is changing. As a trainer I have my clients bring their jeans in so I can hang on to them to keep them accountable. If you want to change your body instead of having an amount of weight you want to lose, have a pair of jeans you want to get in to. I have had clients lose 2 jean sizes in 8-12 weeks consistently. Using a pair of jeans instead of the scale works!

So what size are your thermometer jeans? This is the key. Get your own size jeans that are the jeans you want to fit in to. I don't care if you are a size 12 getting in to a size 8 or if you re a size 20 getting into 16's, your thermometer jeans are your thermometer jeans and are about two sizes smaller from where you are.

Many times women put unrealistic expectations on themselves wanting to look like the celebrities we see on TV.

Ok! Magazine printed an article on celebrity jean sizes. Pretty interesting at how tiny celebs are and how unrealistic the expectations we place on ourselves to look and be the size they are. Keep in mind, the average woman's clothing size is a 12 to 14 or a Jean Size of 30 to 32. So below average would be a size 8 to 10, Jean Size of 28 to 29. But these celebs are way below average....most being a size ZERO.

Check out how tiny they are-
Jennifer Anniston
Size 0 to 2
Jean Size - 26

Jessica Alba
Size 0 to 2
Jean Size- 26

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Size 2
Jean Size - 27

Kim Kardashian
Size- 4
Jean Size- 27

Eva Longoria
Size 0
Jean Size- 24

Some that have the appearance that might be more realistic-
Brooke Shields
Size- n/a
Jeans- 29

Jennifer Lopez
Size- n/a
Jeans- 28

Mariah Carey
Size- 6 or 8
Jeans- 29

What size are your thermometer Jeans? I know that being a size 0, 2 or even a 4 is not realistic for me. My Thermometer Jeans are a Size 28 which is a size 6 or 8 and I feel great that size and know that trying to be a size ZERO will never happen and I would be miserable trying to get there! I am happy in my fit female body looking good in my thermometer Jeans, fueling my body with food and not feeling deprived!

Get your Thermometer Jeans out where you can use them as your measurement and stop looking at the scale and stop comparing yourself to celebrities and instead get to your fit female body in your thermometer jeans!