Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Women and exercise

I just had a conversation with someone who one year ago was 4% body fat(according to her) and is now over 30% body fat. She showed me a picture of her one year ago and she was extremely thin. She is convinced that cardio is the key to losing fat because when she got down to that size she did 2 hours of cardio a day 7 days a week and ate nothing but salads. She and I were having a conversation about whether weight training or cardio was the answer to losing fat and if she were to do it all over again what would she do.

2 Hours of cardio a day and salads is not a life! Hence she was unable to maintain her weight loss and a year later has gained it back. It is obvious to me that whatever she did, did not work because she was not able to maintain it. Also she had probably screwed up her metabolism pretty bad making it impossible to not put body fat back on setting her up for failure.

But in her head 14 hours of cardio a week and salads is the only way to get back down to that size. She has a hard time believing she could look like that again or better with half as much time spent exercising and eating more. And instead of rebounding back up she would be able to stay there long term.

I think many women think that this is what is necessary to get the body of their dreams or like her they have done something like this in the past and have screwed up their metabolism and have rebounded. And think they are just not meant to be fit.

I have news for you ladies! The last thing you should do to get the body of your dreams is 2 hours of cardio a day and eat salads. The goal is to get the metabolism revving by eating more healthy foods and increasing lean tissue and taking advantage of the afterburn effect you get after a weight training routine or an interval session. No workout should last longer than an hour to get this afterburn effect.

That's right- do less, eat more and get the body you always wanted!

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