Monday, December 28, 2009

Next stop.....2010!

Christmas snuck up on me and then just like that is behind us... stop 2010!

I love January because in our industry it is so much fun- everyone is motivated and focused and it is such an exciting time of year for many people to have a fresh start. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a planner and yesterday I filled out my new planner for 2010 and I am so excited for the year ahead!  
  • And our coaching group and mastermind meetings who are an amazing group of trainers that Alwyn and I are so excited to work with this year to help them take their businesses to the next level.
  • And then my book

  • which has been selling really well and I am so excited to get my message out to so many women who need it. I plan to be very active working with the community in my website this year- and speaking and meeting women to help as many women as I can have a breakthrough! If you are in the Chicago area or anywhere near come and meet me on January 14th at 6pm at the West Loop Gym. I will be doing a discussion, Q and A and book signing- come out and meet me!  
  • And ofcourse our gym, Results Fitness ( which is going to be celebrating 10 years in business this year! And will be so much fun with the new added space and our awesome team in place who do such a great job! I can't wait to do a workout in the new room! We will continue to "Keep Leading" as one of our core values.

If you are ready to plan out your year (Remember If you Fail to Plan, you should plan to fail) start by getting one of these fabulous calendars my friend Krista Scott Dixon made-

It is full of inspiring pictures sure to keep you focused all year long!

And get 2010 off to a great start!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope to see you at an event in the new year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Exercise Encyclopedia has arrived- Released Today!

Years ago at our gym we started an exercise encyclopedia to have every exercise picture and description in one book. The book is still lying around the gym somewhere but was never finished because this task of thinking of every single exercise and getting pictures and descriptions became overwhelming and the book got shoved aside never to be finished....

But thank goodness - Adam Campbell took on the project and made a BEAUTIFUL book that will now be the Exercise Encyclopedia.  The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU! will now be our Encyclopedia at Results Fitness and will be the "Go To" book for anyone we work with including new employees, our Results Fitness Biz coaching members and online clients.

Adam thought of every possible exercise you can think of....Believe me - I was there for the photo shoot helping him and I couldn't believe the exercises we were shooting - EVERYTHING! Click Here to read about my experience on the photo shoot. I am honored to have been a part of such an amazing book!

Plus he included some of the best minds as contributors (including myself :), the women's version has one of my skinny jeans workouts) putting together programs along with information on how to train, nutrition and what works. This book is the complete guide to every exercise and how to use the exercises to get results.

You still have time to order and get it here before Christmas from Amazon. There are two versions(I'll be ordering the Women's version,The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU! for all of my online clients to save me from ever having to create pictures and descriptions again which is the most time consuming part of writing a program for an online client- thank you Adam!)

Order Today!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

9 Days until Christmas!!!!!!

If you are anything like me you still have more than a few people on your list to get gifts for and time is running out. Is it just me or did Christmas sneak up faster this year? Well, I have a few last minute gift ideas for you or ideas that you may want to hint to someone near to you....

Under $5.00
  • Fit Female Credo Poster - If someone in your life has been reading The Female Body Breakthrough a great stocking stuffer is The Fit Female Credo Poster for Only $2 bucks.

Under $20.00
  • If you have a female in your life you have to get her a copy of The Female Body Breakthrough. For less than $15 you can change her life with the information in this book.

Under $50
Under $100
  • One Month Membership to The Fit Female Community

for only $97.00 you can give the female in your life me as her coach for one month inside along with access to exclusive content and a community of fit females.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope Santa brings you everything you desire!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Excerpt from US News &World Report- 6 Stupid Holiday Diet Tips you should Ignore

This is an excerpt from an article by Katherine Hobson-

Click Here to see the article.

Make "healthful" versions of holiday favorites—like nonfat, no-sugar cheesecake.

OK, I made up that example; I'm not sure such a thing exists. But, says Cosgrove, substituting ingredients or making "lite" holiday dishes is rarely a good idea. "Usually, it still isn't very healthy, and now it just doesn't taste as good," she says. "Life's too short not to have my grandmother's sweet potato pie." Her suggestion for the holidays (and the rest of the year): Eat healthfully 90 percent of the time, and then give yourself the freedom to splurge during the other 10 percent. Rather than taking the fun out of all your holiday meals, pick the ones at which you want to indulge, and, at the rest, pass up the goodies.

Monday, December 07, 2009

What are your core values?

In our company we have core values that we live and breathe by as a team. These are core values that Alwyn and I have in our personal life and as a company they define who we look for in people we hire for our company. Everyday, any decision that gets made gets filtered through these core values.

I wish I could say we had these in place from day one when we opened our business(10 years ago) but we didn't. It would have kept us from making some of the mistakes we made like hiring the wrong people at times. We had core values but it wasn't until I started studying the company, Zappos that we redefined our core values and really started to use our core values in everything we do. We are always learning from businesses outside of the fitness business to make sure we "Keep Leading" which is one of our core values.

What are your core values? whether you have a company or simply have them for yourself it is a powerful exercise to sit down and decide what do you stand for? What drives you?

Our Core Values-

  1. Bring your best
  2. Be Professional
  3. Integrity, honesty and transparency
  4. Only good days and great days!
  5. WE, not ME.
  6. Constant learning and never ending improvement.
  7. Fun and Humor.
  8. Strive for profitability.
  9. Exceed expectations.
  10. Keep leading.
Starting with a solid base of core values to build your company on
is one of our secrets to unlocking your success as a business. We
will be teaching a TON of fitness business success secrets at our
upcoming seminar.

We are in Rhode Island this weekend.

Don't miss it- Click Here

Monday, November 30, 2009

Attention Trainers- Fast Track to Fitness Business Success

Have passion for what you do.

Do what you love and the money will follow.

Work Hard and success will come.

Dream big, think good thoughts and life will fall in to place.

All great ideas....but all LIES.

I know that some of you reading this blog are a lot like me- love what you do, very passionate about helping people and would do it for free. No matter how passionate you are, no matter how much heart and soul you put in to each and every day....when it comes to business you HAVE to learn a system to make it work. And if you are in the fitness industry as your career long term and want to help as many people as possible, you HAVE to learn how to run a business. Business skills not only help you with your career but will help you in life.

Alwyn and I opened our gym 10 years ago and we had passion. In fact, when we first opened we decided we wouldn't focus on sales, numbers or selling anything because if we got people in shape and were good at what we do our business would be successful on it's own. Love what you do and the money will follow.....right?

Very quickly we realized....we weren't making enough to pay our bills, we were working insane hours, working VERY Hard, and there was no end in sight unless we changed a few things. We started to read every business book we could, hire business consultants and attend seminars and conferences on business and started to learn how to run a business. In addition we learned from every single mistake we made (and there were a lot of them, 55 Mistakes at least- read about them in our book and don't make the same ones)

If you learn how to run a business, you can help a lot more people and fulfill your passion even more. But you have to get your nose out of the exercise and training books and get yourself off of learning new exercises(You know enough exercises by now...) and on to how to run a business!

At this point our business does not depend on us. We have 250 people who come through our doors weekly who we are changing their lives with the systems we have in place. We have an amazing team who follow the system. Alwyn and I don't have to be there. Not only that but every month we are in the magazines with editors calling us monthly as fitness experts and Alwyn and I each have published books with major publishers and speak around the world on our passion- fitness. Not only that but recently we were quoted by IHRSA as Business Experts (this is a huge milestone for a couple of trainers:)) - check it out.

We have built a very successful fitness business that supports the life we want to live and you can learn EVERYTHING from us- every mistake, every secret, how to start and build your own fitness facility, how to become a highly sought after expert in the industry and how to reach and change as many lives as possible.

We are now teaching the exact system we use at our gym. We are teaching EVERYTHING we have learned over the ten years in business. We can save you so much time and so many mistakes.

Alwyn and I feel that at this point the way for us to help even more people is to reach out to the other trainers who are where we were ten years ago and help them to create businesses where they too can have hundreds of clients changing their lives. We want to give you what we call "Aha moments" where you have one idea that completely changes your life and your business. We have been in your shoes and we want to help you to build a successful business.

We guarantee we can fast track your business and you success in this industry!

If you are a trainer (or thinking about switching careers) who loves what you do and wants to be the best at it, Do Not Miss this opportunity! If only we had something like this when we first started out!

In two weeks we will be in Rhode Island. If you are anywhere near the area DO NOT MISS THIS. Or check out the flight deals on Virgin America- only $39 bucks from a lot of places to Boston(about an hour drive to RI)- No excuse! And you can get CEU's too! And it is a tax write off- so basically it is Free!

Start 2010 armed with the information you need to fast forward your career and

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Female Body Breakthrough Vs. Afterburn

I have had this question in my inbox more than once this past week so thought I should address it.

"What is the difference between Afterburn and The Female Body Breakthrough? Both of them have workouts to do and nutrition to follow? Which one should I get?"

The Female Body Breakthrough is the most up to date product we currently have of what we do in our gym. Afterburn when it was written was exactly what we do in our gym and it still works very well but since then we have changed the way we do our warm ups and our core exercises. We have also changed the way we do interval training with our clients. We are constantly upgrading what we do sticking to one of our core values as a company which is to "Keep Leading."

They are not the same program. I wrote The Female Body Breakthrough Program from scratch but based on the same philosophies as After burn so the similarities will be there. If you have done Afterburn and are looking for more then check out my book. Plus my book is written very specifically for women.

But they are both based on the same principles- full body programs, using bang for your buck exercises in a circuit fashion, changing the reps and exercises every 4 weeks. A program that works and has been shown to work over and over and over again.

Wouldn't you be skeptical if you picked up my book and it looked nothing like Afterburn which is what we have been saying works? The products we produce are based on real programs that were done with real people and the principles of these programs, what makes them effective is exactly the same so the actual programs are not going to be too different from each other.

What's the decision- get both! My book is less than $15.00.

Click here to buy now and take advantage of Amazon's Black Friday sales!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strategize to Survive the Holidays!

The holidays are here and I am sure this week has you running around getting everything ready and making sure everyone else is taken care of. Stop and take a deep breathe and make sure you are taking a few moments for yourself each day.

Last week at my book launch party we had a discussion on surviving the holidays and we approached it as a strategy session. Having strategies (one of the Fit Female Credos) is key this time of year. The key take aways from this seminar-

1. Think ahead the next 7 weeks through the holidays. What splurges should you absolutely plan on? We actually as a group pulled out a calendar and figured out that we had 43 days left to get through the holidays (as of Thursday last week). At 5 meals a day, that is 215 meals which means you have 21.5 meals over the next 7 weeks that you can splurge on and still see your body change. So over the holidays one of the strategies is instead of looking at a week at a time, look at the next 2 months and think ahead. We went through the calendar and put an X on each meal we knew we needed to plan a splurge. We put two X's on Thanksgiving and an X the day before and an X the day after. Then we put 8 X's for either each night of Hannukah or to use over Christmas eve and Christmas day since for most people 5 X's on Christmas day is not unheard of and having 3 on Christmas Eve wouldn't be out of the question. We put an X on one day in December as a baking day and we put an X on every Saturday night in December. This still left us with about 3 X's to use how we choose and we decided to keep them in our back pocket for those unexpected occasions that pop up over the holidays.

Bottom Line- You can enjoy every food you love, every experience you want to have and everything about the holidays and not completely blow it. Planning ahead is the key and having a strategy. Pull out your journal or calendar and put your X's in place now and commit to sticking to splurging where there is an X and otherwise eating clean, foods that make you feel good 90% of the next 7 weeks.

If you aren't sure what your 90% should look like check out Precision Nutrition. We use their system at our gym. TODAY ONLY they are having a HUGE sale(and they never ever do sales seriously) of $99.00 for you to get the entire Precision Nutrition system including their Gourmet Recipes book plus a one year access to the website and one year in their Results Tracker Program plus FREE shipping. Take advantage of this but only TODAY!

2. Most people go into black and white thinking, on or off, good or bad....or maybe this sounds familiar, "I may as well not even try and just start in January." DO NOT DO THIS! You will be sorry when you have an extra 5-10 pounds to drop in January. Instead plan ahead by using the above strategy and come out of the holidays feeling fabulous at your New Years Eve party! Remember you want to be the Bitch this year at your New Year's Party, don't you? Be Inspiring Totally Confident and Hot!

3. Don't drop your workouts this time of year. The only reason you can have 21 splurges and still change your body is because you are consistent with your workouts and keeping your metabolism revving. Make a commitment to get to the gym at least twice a week and I would recommend getting it done early before anything else gets in the way.
Remember - It isn't what you eat between Christmas and New Years, it's what you eat between New Years and Christmas!

If you aren't getting my video coaching sessions go here to sign up for them -
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What size are your Thermometer Jeans?

Thermometer Jeans are your pair of jeans that tell you whether you are Hot or not. They are a much more effective and powerful measurement than the scale. They will absolutely tell you if your body is changing. As a trainer I have my clients bring their jeans in so I can hang on to them to keep them accountable. If you want to change your body instead of having an amount of weight you want to lose, have a pair of jeans you want to get in to. I have had clients lose 2 jean sizes in 8-12 weeks consistently. Using a pair of jeans instead of the scale works!

So what size are your thermometer jeans? This is the key. Get your own size jeans that are the jeans you want to fit in to. I don't care if you are a size 12 getting in to a size 8 or if you re a size 20 getting into 16's, your thermometer jeans are your thermometer jeans and are about two sizes smaller from where you are.

Many times women put unrealistic expectations on themselves wanting to look like the celebrities we see on TV.

Ok! Magazine printed an article on celebrity jean sizes. Pretty interesting at how tiny celebs are and how unrealistic the expectations we place on ourselves to look and be the size they are. Keep in mind, the average woman's clothing size is a 12 to 14 or a Jean Size of 30 to 32. So below average would be a size 8 to 10, Jean Size of 28 to 29. But these celebs are way below average....most being a size ZERO.

Check out how tiny they are-
Jennifer Anniston
Size 0 to 2
Jean Size - 26

Jessica Alba
Size 0 to 2
Jean Size- 26

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Size 2
Jean Size - 27

Kim Kardashian
Size- 4
Jean Size- 27

Eva Longoria
Size 0
Jean Size- 24

Some that have the appearance that might be more realistic-
Brooke Shields
Size- n/a
Jeans- 29

Jennifer Lopez
Size- n/a
Jeans- 28

Mariah Carey
Size- 6 or 8
Jeans- 29

What size are your thermometer Jeans? I know that being a size 0, 2 or even a 4 is not realistic for me. My Thermometer Jeans are a Size 28 which is a size 6 or 8 and I feel great that size and know that trying to be a size ZERO will never happen and I would be miserable trying to get there! I am happy in my fit female body looking good in my thermometer Jeans, fueling my body with food and not feeling deprived!

Get your Thermometer Jeans out where you can use them as your measurement and stop looking at the scale and stop comparing yourself to celebrities and instead get to your fit female body in your thermometer jeans!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Becoming the B I T C H

Maybe you have read some of the posts about my new book,The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want

or saw the name of the interview I did with The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition PodCast and thought....gosh, calling yourself a Bitch or wanting to become the Bitch seems very negative and derogatory. Maybe this has turned you off from picking up my book because you aren't interested in becoming a bitch or a chick....

Well, let me explain myself if this is the case. Anything taken out of context may seem negative or derogatory so I want to make sure you get the bigger picture so that you "get" what becoming the BITCH means and "get" the message within my book and share it with as many women as possible. I don't want you to think this is just another Skinny Chick or Skinny Bitch book- it isn't. It is based on very solid research (two pages of references) along with real world stories with before and after pictures and my own experience. But it is written in a very girlfriend to girlfriend voice to make the message very approachable and understandable to as many women as possible.

First of all, let's set up the scene- You are at a holiday party or a social gathering and maybe you are feeling less than fabulous, in fact a little frumpy. Instead of getting your slinky holiday dress out to wear you opted for the frumpy sweater because you didn't want anything that would cling to your stomach too much. Attending the party, it never fails, a woman possibly an acquaintance of yours will show up feeling fabulous wearing her sleek dress and looking amazing.

Maybe YOU have never thought this but I am sure you have had a friend say it to you.... "Did you see so and so? What a bitch showing up in her slinky dress looking amazing like that? What's her problem anyway?"

My point- When you are feeling frumpy and less than fabulous it is hard not to resent someone who looks amazing in their party dress and start to gossip about what starvation diet she must be on or how she has it so easy. Instead of resenting her and coming up with reasons why she is fabulous and you are frumpy, instead become her. Become the woman in the room that the other women are calling a "bitch." Be inspired by her.

BITCH now stands for Be Inspiring Totally Confident and Hot! So, I use the word Bitch in a very positive sense. Basically I want women who read my book to become the women the other women envy with the goal being that you inspire them to make their own breakthrough.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling Less Intimidated in the Gym

Just picked up the latest Women's Health and saw the article they have on feeling less intimidated in the gym. Jen Ator did a great job with it but I wanted to add my two cents to help women to feel less intimidated in the gym as they are picking up my book and getting ready to hit the weights. So listen up girls!

1. Have a plan. Go into the gym with your plan of attack. If you know exactly what you are going to do you can confidently walk over to the weight training area and get to work. Wear your headphones so you don't even have to acknowledge that there are intimidating men around. Go into your zone and get your workout done. Photo copy phase one of the Fit Female Workout plan if you don't want to carry the book around with you (although I am hoping that gyms across America have women walking around carrying my book with it lying open in the weight training area). If you don't have your copy of the book yet- What are you waiting for?!?!?!?!

Click Here to get it NOW!!!

2. No judgements! Know that the men in the gym will only be intrigued by a confident woman walking in to the gym and heading to the weights instead of to her usual stair master or treadmill. The men in the gym won't mind if a female starts encroaching on their area especially if she has a plan and knows what she is doing. Men will welcome us into the weight training area and soon enough we will out number them. That's how it is in our gym. Check it out-

3. Even if you are terrified and totally intimidated there is a saying- You should do something that makes you uncomfortable once a day- Get out of your comfort zone, it is good for you! And know that it won't last long and probably you'll start to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable. Know that your workout will take you less than an hour so get in, get it done and get out of there.

4. Stay focused on the fact that you are boosting your metabolism and going to have an after burn effect that will burn calories for the next 24-48 hours and don't worry about what anyone else in the gym thinks.

5. If you are still not sure about hitting the weights at your gym tonight then all you need is a bench and some dumbbells and you can get everything done in Phase One of The Female Body Breakthrough Program. Grab a bench and some dumbbells and get a corner to yourself and get it done.

Soon enough your body will be transforming before your eyes, you'll be hooked on the feeling of empowerment and confidence lifting weights gives you and the gym will be your domain.

Come on girls! Let's take over the strength training floor and stop letting those men intimidate us! There are way more benefits for us to lift weights than there are for men.

I have decided to continue offering the FREE GIFT of Video Coaching for ANYONE who bought my book so if you missed out last week you can still take advantage of Video Coaching with me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

That moment

The reason I do what I do is to see that moment in my client's when they realize they CAN do whatever they set out to do. That moment when they have an "Aha!" and finally figure out what works to feel the way they want to feel - confident and empowered. This weekend one of the members of my website,, did her first Powerlifting Competition. She had trained for marathons in the past never achieving her fit female body.

Watch this video and you'll get to experience her moment. You can also see that her body has transformed to be fit, toned and smaller than the picture of her below when she was running.

What she says about her moment-

"Thanks Rachel! I love that I finally have a "thing" th
at I can do, I enjoy doing it and am looking forward to getting better in! Not to boot that it makes me smaller while doing it! I attached a before picture of me this summer before I started in your training program. Of course it would be of me running in a race and proving that running doesn't make you smaller!"- Roxane G.
Thank you so much, Roxane, for letting me be a part of your journey and your moment! Keep it up girl! You rock and will inspire others!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Female Body Breakthrough on Tour.....

In this day and age when a book comes out instead of a Book Tour....I went on a Blog Tour! And it was so much fun being able to share my message with so many audiences at once without even getting on a plane. I owe a big thank you to all of my hosts. Each one of them went above and beyond my expectations.

Go on my blog tour for yourself and see why you need to get my book if you haven't already. You don't even have to pack any bags or get on a plane! Blog

The Blog of Valerie Waters

Precision Nutrition

The Blog of Coach Dos

A message for you about my book launch

A message for you....

Go to

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble!!!

Check it out! My book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble! Today it was released!


Buy The Female Body Breakthrough by going to on November 12th and collect your FREE GIFTS! You will get a poster with The Fit Female Credo mailed to you along with Video Coaching with Rachel Cosgrove to get you started on your journey and after buying the book on the 12th Rachel will share her #1 Secret to get you started along with 5 Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset related E-books to give you even more support on your journey.

IMPORTANT- The FREE GIFTS are only available if you buy the book from Amazon on November 12th.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Week One from Flab to Abs

Week One after my Half Ironman went great. I bumped up my intensity and dropped my volume and I can already see my flab turning to abs. This past week I did 2 strength workouts (taken directly from my book) , 2 metabolic workouts (also taken directly from my book) and 1 interval session on the treadmill along with eating what I have in my book as the Base Phase Nutrition Rules which basically means eating "clean" 90% of the time. I did have 4 splurges including Mexican food one night complete with chips and Guac(my fav!) and a Corona.

This week I managed to lose 2 pounds of fat and a pound of water while starting to put some of the muscle I may have lost back on. On my way back to my Fit Female Body! Let me tell you- The programs and philosophies in my book absolutely work and I am real world proof! I know they work but it always amazes me how when I switch gears from doing high volume endurance training to strength training and metabolic workouts how quickly my body responds.

If you have been spinning your wheels or doing hours and hours of cardio - STOP! Get my book this week and switch gears and get your fit female body! You'll feel better within a week and already start to see your body transform.

Buy The Female Body Breakthrough by going to on Thursday, November 12th and collect your FREE GIFTS! You will get a poster with The Fit Female Credo mailed to you along with Video Coaching with Rachel Cosgrove for the first 3 months of your journey to get you started and after buying the book on the 12th Rachel will share her #1 Secret to get you started along with 5 Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset related E-books to give you even more support on your journey.

IMPORTANT- The FREE GIFTS are only available if you buy the book from Amazon on November 12th.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A few women at our gym "wasting" squat racks...

This is an average day in our gym. Women lifting and all looking good doing it! This is how all gyms should be with women feeling uninimidated, totally comfortable and transforming their bodies feeling confident and empowered.....

"Waste a Squat Rack"

A few weeks ago I did a seminar at one of Thomas Plummer's events, The Rockstar Personal Development event he put on in Chicago. I was speaking to a room full of gym owners and I spoke about what women will be looking for in a gym over the next year and how there will be a shift. I pointed out that over the last year I have been asked by magazine's such as Women's Health and Shape to provide information on how to help women to feel less intimidated in the gym. I was also offered two offers for my book on strength training for women and I recently contributed to a book that will be out next year with the Editor in Chief of Women's Health on how to Look Better Naked- all of these programs and what I get asked for have all been on a trend of women finally "getting" the benefits of lifting weights, "real" weights.

Most gyms still have a Women's Only Section of chrome dumbbells and a butt blaster or inner/outer thigh machine and do not have any area where women can lift "real" weights and not feel intimidated or uncomfortable. My suggestion to these gyms was to make a corner of their gym a "functional" weight training area where there is a rack, a pulley machine, dumbbells and a bench that women would feel comfortable using for many of these programs that are hitting newsstands and book shelves.

One of the male gym owners in the audience blurted out- "You want us to WASTE A SQUAT RACK...." I think I had fire come out of my ears and know that the look on my face probably wasn't too happy. I said, "Excuse me?" "Waste a Squat Rack on women?"

Pretty soon I had every woman in the room, whether they had ever even used a squat rack or not...passionately defending their squat rack and that WE WOMEN NEED A SQUAT RACK and It is not a waste!

Anyway, it was a pretty good exclamation point to my point that most gym owners don't give their female members what they need to change their bodies and as women are catching on that strength training is necessary for them we will be looking for gyms that give us more than chrome dumbbells and a pink butt blaster machine.

Monday, November 02, 2009

6 Weeks to Attack the Fat

One week ago yesterday I completed my 4th Half Ironman Triathlon. In addition to 4 Half Ironman's I have completed one full Ironman in 2007. My tales of my Ironman are documented in Chapter 3 of my book, The Female Body Breakthrough, which will be out next week.

If you have been following my blog or read any of my articles you know that in my research and also in THE RESEARCH, I have found that as I train for these longer distance events and add more and more volume of steady state aerobic training my body changes and not the way I want it to. I don't lose weight and I don't fit in a smaller size in fact my weight and size usually stay about the same, despite a high training volume, but my appearance is different. I lose my abs and don't have the definition I am used to seeing and overall end up feeling a bit "soft" by the time of the event. THE RESEARCH also shows this to be true that using higher intensity, lower volume is the answer for fat loss.

Although I am in great physical shape, and am able to swim a mile, bike 56 miles and run a half marathon all in one 6 hour workout, for all of the training I have been doing my body doesn't look it's best. Again, I am the same weight and size and probably look the same in clothes covered up but won't be caught training in a half top for a few weeks.

I always start training for these long distance events and for some reason think- "This time it will be different, I will really keep lifting heavy and watch what I eat and will be able to keep my abs throughout the whole training and will do a Half Ironman looking like a Figure Competitor." I know many of you have similar thoughts because I get emails all the time- "How can I train for a marathon and lose body fat crossing the finish line looking defined?" I actually did an interview on this very subject a while back- Click here to read. And in that interview I state- "My ultimate goal is to cross the finish line of a triathlon looking like a fitness competitor and be able to maintain it but I don't know if it is possible. I am still working on that one..."

But, once again as my training progressed for this Half Ironman my abs got softer and I could not keep my definition no matter how hard I tried. It is probably a hint that the majority of people who cross the finish line of an endurance event have a softer appearance, even if they are thin they usually don't look defined.

So as for my "Ultimate Goal" I have realized that it just may not be possible especially when training for Half Ironman and Ironman distance. Training for a Half Ironman and training to look like a "Fit Female" are two totally different and opposite goals. To get the look of a Fit Female, as I discuss in my book, you want you have to challenge your body and keep it from adapting with intense exercise, on the other hand to complete an endurance event your goal is for your body to adapt to the workouts so that you can complete the mileage at a steady state but adapting means you burn less and less calories.

The key for me is to periodize my year and my training so that after completing a Half Ironman, which for me was totally worth it to have the satisfaction of completing the event and being a part of contributing to the Challenged Athletes Foundation so my niece can participate in sports and be a part of what they have to offer, I have a 6 week Attack the Fat Phase.

Now it is time to switch gears and bump up my intensity and drop my volume and get the definition I am used to having back and Attack the Fat. The plan is 6 weeks of two metabolic workouts and three strength workouts along with eating healthy, NO steady state cardio. I did this same plan of attack after my last triathlon and within 6 weeks was back to the way I like to look.

This is the exact same plan that is laid out in my book, The Female Body Breakthrough, which has 16 weeks of strength and metabolic workouts. This is also the exact type of plan we recommend for the members of our gym who most of them perform 1-2 strength workouts a week and 1-2 metabolic workouts and their bodies transform to look the way they want in 6-12 weeks.

You can also be on your way to reaching your ultimate goal and the good news is that you do not need to do hours and hours of steady state aerobic training to have the body you want, in fact it could work against you. Give me 2-4 hours a week.

I'll be blogging on my progress every Monday for the next 6 weeks as my body transforms back to the defined, strong Fit Female "look" I prefer. This is the same Fit Female look I discuss in my book. Get my book next week, start following the programs and join me on your own Fit Female Transformation. I'll try to get some pics up for you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Sport makes you whole."

Bob Babbitt in his speech at the start of my race this weekend said,

"I believe that sport makes you whole."

I never really thought about it but it is so true. If I didn't have sports, fitness, athletics, a way to move my body and do something or achieve something I would feel incomplete. This organization that I was racing to raise money for, Challenged Athletes Foundation, gives people who have had sports taken away from them by having no legs or missing an arm or being paraplegic or quadriplegic or in my niece's case having cerebral palsy and not being able to participate in sport or fitness as most people do, the very thing that makes many of us whole.

This organization gets these individuals what they need to compete and to be an athlete. It was amazing to see these challenged athletes pushing their limits with sport and getting the feeling of achieving something. Many of them had bikes especially made for their disability, in the swim they had a partner either that they held their feet or that helped them to swim and a number of them have running legs which are prosthetic legs to run on. There were also two 8 year old boys who were double amputee, with no legs who did the kids swim and their dads grabbed them when they finished seeing their son for the first time accomplish a sport- it was so emotional.

I was with a guy on the bike most of the way who had one arm and this was his first triathlon and he was having a blast and so excited to be a part of it. He did the mile swim, the 56 mile ride and the half marathon. Imagine riding a bike with one arm. I know it seems like, with one arm you could do it but your balance and everything has to be off. He was kicking my butt though.

Sport makes you whole really means a lot more after seeing all of these people be a part of sports and athletics when something as simple as jump roping at school with the other kids may have never been an option for them. It also makes me appreciate being able to participate in an event like this and that I am able to do a Half Ironman and can do whatever I want physically. It reminds me not to take advantage of that or take advantage of the feeling of being able to do a sport and accomplish something physically.

Thank you for the amazing, inspiring event CAF! I was honored to be a part of it and look forward to it next year.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Doing it for the experience....

This weekend I am participating in an event that I am so excited about the experience and being a part of something so special. It is the first time that I am going in to a race without a set time I want to hit. I haven't been totally Type A about my training like I usually am. I am really just looking forward to going and being a part of the event and being inspired by the others participating.

This morning I took my bike out for a 10 mile spin to make sure it's ready to go and spin my legs out a bit and the whole ride all I could think about was how honored I am that I can go and do this race which is a Half Ironman (1 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a half marathon) event among other's who are passionate about making a difference for someone and that it really doesn't matter what my time is as long as I give it 100% and bring everything I have.

You see this race is a fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I have raised money for the foundation and in honor of my niece who is 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. She will be able to take advantage of what the Challenged Athletes Foundation offers and be a part of the experience. This makes this race especially special to me.

It is really a different amazing feeling to truly be going to the race to enjoy the day and be a part of the experience. I am looking forward to it! Stay tuned for my recap next week...

If you want to make a last minute donation go to my website at-

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Awesome stuff on Body Image- A Revolution!

Did you see this story or hear about this picture of Lizzie Miller? It is so awesome what it has created- women who have realized that they they have to stop body bashing. In my book, The Female Body Breakthrough....coming out very of the Fit Female Credo's is to Stop Body Bashing and Celebrate your Strengths! I love this article which goes right along with the message I am trying to get out.

Seeing this story and what Glamour magazine is doing with it is awesome!

They are starting a revolution to finally end all of the negative dialogue going on in women's heads.

When I started writing my book over a year ago it was originally supposed to be a book about strength training for women but as I got into the book and interviewing my clients and other women I realized it wasn't about strength training at all. Strength training was just the form of exercise that is most effective to help women to change the way they feel about their bodies, think about their bodies and treat their bodies. My book went from being a book about strength training to a complete mindset, nutrition and training overhaul for women.

We currently run Skinny Jeans Challenges at our gym. The big key to this is that these aren't skinny jeans the style which the average woman doesn't fit in or look good in, and I don't even like the word "skinny." But these are YOUR Skinny Jeans. Every woman has a pair of "Skinny Jeans" in her closet, for some these might be size 6, others size 12 or 14 and of course a pair of Fat Jeans. I don't care what size YOUR skinny jeans are but when you are in them- you feel like a million bucks!

The interesting thing is that the average woman is a size 12-14. Yet, many of the fancy designer clothing brands max out at their biggest size being a 10, maybe a 12. Hopefully this revolution will have an affect on these clothing designers to start making clothes for real women with curves. Having a strong, toned butt is a very good thing!

For most people their skinny jeans will not be and will never be a size 2 or a size 4 realistically without starving themselves or doing some crazy fast...I know for me my skinny jeans are a size 8. When I am creeping up into my 10's I know I need to tighten things up. But I do not beat myself up to get into a size 4 because that is the ideal. Plus I feel great in my size 8 Skinny Jeans- I am fit, I am strong and I can actually eat and don't have to be consumed by workouts or counting calories or grams of food!

I have had clients go from a size 22 to a size 16 and feel sexier than ever and their confidence in themselves skyrocketed! They were so excited to be able to go shopping and not go to the Plus size section. THAT is what it is all about- feel confident and sexy in your own skin and finding the right type of exercise and nutrition to help you to feel that way in YOUR skinny Jeans no matter what size they are.

In my book I call them Thermometer Jeans. They tell you if you are hot or not. I am hoping we can rename them to be our thermometer jeans instead of calling them "skinny" jeans once my book comes out. The key is to keep your thermometer jeans close by, wear them once a week and make sure you are still HOT in your thermometer jeans. When you start to stuff them back in your closet and pull out the baggy clothes you know you need to get back to your workouts and fueling your body with healthy food.

Stop the body bashing once and for all and thank you to Lizzie Miller and Glamour Magazine for opening our eyes that we can feel confident, sexy and good about ourselves even if we aren't a size zero.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another reason strength training is better than endurance for women...

I was just thinking that one of the number one goals I have with my clients to change their bodies is to change the negative mental chatter that goes on upstairs all day long. Most women spend a lot of time each day talking negatively to themselves and have to consciously stop themselves and catch themselves. I had a realization that when women are using the wrong type of exercise to lose fat it not only doesn't work physically but it doesn't work mentally as well. Long runs or steady state cardio on a machine perpetuates this negative thinking that is so common for women.

Picture this - A woman running for an hour- what is going through her mind? Maybe she is thinking about her day ahead or her kids or a vacation that she has coming up but I bet you most women spend a lot of their time thinking- "Ugghh I can still feel my stomach jiggling when I am thighs are rubbing together....gee, look at that runner- why don't I look more like her? Uh Oh, someone is coming up behind me and probably noticing how wide my ass is...How much longer...If only I hadn't pigged out last night I wouldn't have to torture myself like this..."

Ladies? I know you won't admit it but aren't these the kind of thoughts you might have while running at a steady state with nothing to think about except the tortuous exercise of repetitive motion you are doing to try to drop a few pounds and fit in your jeans so of course most of the time you will think about your body and how did you let yourself get here in the first place and beating yourself up?

Now Picture this- A woman goes to the gym to lift weights. Her focus is on the exercise she is doing, keeping her stomach tight and focusing on lifting the weight and keeping her form. She has to be thinking about what she is doing at that moment and most of her thoughts will be "I need to squeeze my butt and keep my stomach tight. I have 5 more reps, I can do this...."

I am not saying she won't have the occasional fleeting negative thought but it will be a lot less than if she has an hour of doing nothing but the same motion over and over again with nothing but her thoughts swimming around in her head.

So not only is strength training better for women for all of the physical reasons but it is better for them mentally too. And having less negative thoughts and more thoughts about keeping your stomach tight and being strong and finishing your set will lead to better results. The mind and body are connected. If you are spending an hour everyday doing steady state cardio thinking negative thoughts to yourself you could be undoing exactly what you are trying to do while you are trying to do it...Because your body is listening to what your mind is telling it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I love my legs!

It all started in dance class, looking into the mirror at my legs which were not as long and thin as I would like them to be. Other dancers in my class had long legs, but I was all torso with short legs. I used to use tricks such as hiking up my leotard with a string that I used to tie through and in the back with a bow to make it high cut showing more hip making my legs look longer. I also used to get in trouble from my dance teacher because I would tie a sweatshirt around my waist to cover up my lower body. And like many women, when I sat in a chair with shorts on I was self conscious of how my thighs spread and if I got a glimpse of myself in a window my eyes would go straight to my legs thinking - "Ugh! My legs are so chunky." I also remember standing in the mirror and from behind grabbing my inner thighs to see what I would look like if my thighs were thin and didn't touch. C'mon girls, you have all done this…if only I had longer, thinner legs…

My legs were strong and had muscle and could do lots of turns in dance class, I could even do the splits. Actually I tore my hamstring doing the splits when I arrived for a performance late and didn't warm up and went in to the dance cold and dropped in to a split and ripped my hamstring. I had to wear a big brace to school and hobble around. But my hamstring miraculously healed and I was able to do the splits again. Isn't the human body amazing - how resilient it is? But I never appreciated this; instead I just hated my legs.

As I started to learn more about exercise science and realized all of the aerobics I was doing might not be helping my lower body situation and was making me store more fat than I was burning there, I switched up my exercise routine and made strength training my priority workout. My legs started to look closer to the shape I wanted, looking more toned and defined.

But I could do all of the Pilates and stretching I wanted and my legs are not going to become "long lean dancers legs." They were still short and still my least favorite part of my body. Even with being in the best shape of my life, my legs would still be my least favorite part. When I competed in fitness competitions my abdominals would get leaner and leaner and my legs were the very last to respond. I would usually stick with baggy black pants, the baggier the better!

The ironic thing is I married a man who happens to be a "legs" guy. He loves my legs. If I had a choice I would always wear pants, but with his encouragement occasionally I started to wear skirts. Isn't it interesting how my least favorite part of my body is his most favorite part? Sometimes we girls are just so hard on ourselves instead of enjoying our bodies. We are our own worst critic.

But this past year I had a huge realization about me and my relationship with my legs. I finished writing my book, The Female Body Breakthrough, and in my Fit Female Credo I have a ton of stuff about mindset and having positive mental dialogue and how powerful it is. And every once in awhile I would still catch myself having the occasional negative thought of, "My legs look fat." I always catch myself and say something positive immediately because I know how damaging this mental dialogue can be, but I was disappointed at how often this would pop in my head.

Between my legs looking closer to the way I want them to(they still aren't long :)) by using strength training and wearing skirts more often and the fact that I had graduated from my big baggy black pants to tight black pants that hugged my butt and legs, I was pretty proud of myself and how far I had come. I feel confident wearing and showing off my butt and legs in tight pants and tight jeans and in a skirt and do it more often and very rarely have issues with my legs anymore.

As confident as I feel now about my body(which I do) I am still a woman.... And occasionally even I would slip back into my old ways and have negative thoughts enter my head about my legs. Then a client said something to me - "You always wear black pants. So do I because it hides my legs." And I thought to myself…hmmm, why do I always "hide my legs" with black pants because I wanted to tell her, "You should show off your legs - they look great and you have worked hard to look as amazing as you do!"…but I couldn't because I was guilty of the same thoughts - to "hide my legs" with black pants. I was still self conscious of my legs.

Then I had lunch with a friend who I used to dance with and she mentioned something about how she wore pants because there was no way she wanted to show her legs off in the gym where she was meeting me because she was self conscious about her legs. Again this seemed absurd - why would she think that she has to wear pants to come in the gym? She isn't overweight and in fact looks great. But then I realized these are the exact same thoughts that I have.

A few weeks ago I started training for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) Half Ironman and am raising money for the organization. My niece is my inspiration and is who I am doing it in honor of because she is going to be able to benefit from CAF and what they offer to get her involved in sports she may otherwise not be able to play. I was out on my bike riding 50 miles or something crazy like that and it hit me - Why in the world would I ever spend another day, minute, second not being completely grateful for my legs and what I can do with them - I can run, I can bike, I can lift weights, I can dance, I can do anything with these wonderful legs and my niece would love to have them. I love my legs! My legs should be my most favorite body part, not my least!

You see, my niece came in to this world with determination, born 3 months premature and weighing only 2 pounds. She is truly a miracle. She spent the first months of her life in an incubator at UCLA to continue her development until her lungs were strong enough to breathe on her own. She had to have Lasik eye surgery a couple times because her eyes weren't developed yet, she also had to have a shunt put into her head which drains fluid off of her brain and she will have that for her lifetime. And as she grew into the unstoppable girl that she is now we discovered that being born premature had resulted in her having Cerebral Palsy (CP). Her CP affects her lower body and basically means that her nervous system is telling her legs to be switched on all the time so she can't relax her muscles and then contract them, instead they are always contracted and in tone. This makes it difficult for her to control her legs and walk without a walker. She has to wear braces to put her feet and ankles in a position so that she can walk on them. She can take a couple of steps, but needs a walker or help for anymore and is unable to run. This is a permanent condition and will not get worse, but is not something she will grow out of. She has hit many milestones in her development and has pushed her limits to do more than the doctors thought she would. When she was first diagnosed, the doctor said - "See how she doesn't move one leg and then the other." Well, within the week she was moving one leg and then the other. Then it was that she couldn't go from kneeling to up on her knees and once again she was kneeling no problem within the week. It was like she just needed to hear what she couldn't do and she was determined to prove them wrong. After being told she would never be able to get around on her own she now, using a walker and with braces on, gets around with no problem.

Marie is 7 years old now and has had more obstacles in her first years of life than most of us will ever have in our lifetime. Heck this little girl has had 5 brain surgeries, and 2 Lasik eye surgeries and she is legally blind in one eye. So having CP isn't going to get her down or keep her from doing everything she wants. Where there is a will there is a way, and let me tell you this little girl has the will! She has an amazing personality, is so outgoing and smart and is one of the most popular girls in school because she is so friendly. The last thing she wants is for you to feel sorry for her. She just wants to be your friend and may need some help getting around every once in awhile, but loves to have fun! Like I said, she came in to this world determined and will go after and have everything she wants in life. Nothing will stop my niece as she grows up and overcomes the obstacles she has been faced with at such a young age. She is always asking me to go exercise and loves coming to the gym to do a workout never putting any limitations on her self.

Despite having, as my niece's best friend at school puts it, "legs that don't work very well", my niece will grow up being active, using her body and loving her legs and everything she has because she is a miracle. She doesn't see any limits for herself. I hope to inspire her to be the best she can be. I feel like my niece and I are kindred spirits - she inspires me everyday and my motivation for what I do in life is to be a role model for her as she grows up.

I think about her when I think about the vision for our gym in 5-10 years and how it will be a place she can come to exercise, she can work, and be involved in exercise and fitness. I think about her when I work out and how I have no excuse because she doesn't give herself an excuse. She inspires me every day.

Then it hit me - How can I possibly hope to be an inspiration to my niece if I am still having occasional thoughts that my legs are fat. How can I even think that? Why would that even cross my mind?

I have no reason to complain. I vow that I will never ever have even a fleeting negative thought, feel ashamed, self conscious, or ever feel anything other than total and complete appreciation for my legs and what I can do with them. I will wear shorts and skirts more often, I will show them off and I will even try to stray from my favorite black pants every once in awhile. Although I do love my black lululemon pants, so no promises to not still have them as a staple in my wardrobe, but I promise to not use them to "hide my legs" and instead to show off my legs! My legs will be one of my favorite parts of my body!

I hope this article will open the eyes of other women in the world who might feel self conscious about their legs to once and for all enjoy your body! Enjoy your legs! Run and cycle more miles with them, lift more weight with them, dance to more songs with them, do those last few reps you didn't want to do with them in your workout and never ever have a negative thought about your legs again! Think about my niece who doesn't complain and I think you can agree you have no reason to complain!

I hope you will join me in this vow to stop body bashing as the Fit Female Credo goes (learn more about this in my book, The Female Body Breakthrough, released November 10th) and enjoy your body!

To help me raise money for the CAF organization click my website to make a donation -

Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you think you can or you think you can't....

I was working out and I had a set of 10 box jumps at the end of my workout.I did the first set of these no problem, flew up and landed softly on the box. Then the second set I did one and my office manager came around the corner and said, "Show off! I couldn't jump to that box. I have a mental block."

I said to her- "It is completely in your head. You must be thinking that you can't do it so ofcourse you can't do it." Then I... with the thought of, "you must have been thinking that you can't do it..." in my head go to jump on the box and completely miss by not jumping high enough and practically tripping myself. My office manager thought is was hilarious but I thought it was such an amazing lesson that you have to have your mindest right when you head into a workout. If you have negative thoughts floating around in your head while you are working out, every rep you do you will not do as well as you can. Now it is obvious on a jump like this but it may not be so obvious on a lunge or a row but if your mind is not giving that movement 100% and doing everything to focus and lift as much with perfect form as you can you will be cheating yourself out of better results. Interesting isn't it?

I think it was Henry Ford who said, "If you think you can or you think you can't you are probably right..." So true!

So I want to challenge each of you to enter in to each workout with a focus and attitude of challenging yourself to see what CAN you do. Keep focused, positive thoughts in your head and get the most out of every rep leading to a more effective workout, more calories burned and faster results!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

You can only go up from here...

Do you ever think about the fact that where ever you are right now you will only improve, get better, make progress and move forward from there? It is a pretty exciting, motivating thought when you think about it. This, right now, is basically the worst it will ever be (which doesn't necessarily mean it is bad now)...

What is "it"?

"It" could be:
1. Your fitness and health
2. Your finances
3. Your career
4. Your business
5. Your relationships
6. Whatever it is in your life that you want to improve.

If you decide to improve and take forward action to do that you can guarantee yourself that this is the worst it will ever be, today right now and you are still living and breathing...

So instead of focusing on where you are today, focus on where you are going and that you will start now making forward progress toward where you want to go. You will start to move away from where you are now into a forward direction to fulfill your ultimate vision for yourself.

If you aren't happy with the way you look and feel, start making forward progress toward where you want to go and don't dwell on where you are today because by tomorrow you will already be one step closer to your goal. Infact, with your next meal or your next workout you will feel a little more empowered and confident that you can take steps to get to where you want to be.

Don't be a victim of circumstance but instead realize that you are in complete control. Decide what area in your life you want to make forward progress in and start today and move away from where you are right now with your actions.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't Let Madonna's Arms Scare You!

Just wanted to share my thoughts on Madonna's arms...since she has been getting some press lately and frankly looks pretty scary! I don't want her to scare anybody away from lifting weights. That ain't weight lifting that is giving her that look.

I don't know what all is going in to the way she looks (possibly dehydration, supplements, over exercising, starvation...) but the way Madonna looks has more to do with her extremely low levels of body fat, over training and a very restrictive diet losing too much fat and getting what some would call "ripped." This ripped look is what many Figure Competitors look to achieve which takes an extremely regimented, strict eating plan to the point of deprivation along with hours and hours of working out. This look has nothing to do with the amount of muscle she has... but everything to do with the lack of body fat and taking a good thing like a healthy diet and exercise way too far. When you see veins in her arms like that, it means she basically has no body fat. My goal for women is to achieve a look that is strong and healthy and above all that they feel good about themselves, and have energy. Performing exercise 2-4 hours a week and enjoying a splurge guilt free. It is not about losing every last ounce of body fat, being deprived and looking emaciated. Madonna is doing 2 hours a day of exercise (most of which consists of cardio and 2-3 pound dumbbells- OPPOSITE of my philosophies). Doing 2 hours of working out a day, you cannot work at the intensity I recommend you work. Less is more when it comes to exercise. And let's face it she definitely has some genetics playing in to the way she looks.

Just wanted to give you my 2 cents in case you had seen some of these pictures and been a little frightened to touch another dumbbell. Instead, know that you absolutely should lift weights, boost your metabolism and get the benefits of strength training but the most you should work out is 4-6 hours a week (not 12 hours like Madonna does) and you should EAT! Do not starve yourself. Having some body fat is a good thing and keeps you looking feminine. It is about finding a balance to look amazing, feel great and live life to the fullest!

Just wanted to reassure you that the way Madonna looks has nothing to do with lifting too much weight in the gym. Get to the gym, lift weights, push yourself for 45 minutes to an 1 hour max, getting your metabolism cranking so you can eat more, enjoy an occasional splurge and look feminine and feel sexy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting the workout done on vacation

Just got back from a vacation in Cabo and had a great time. Did some jet skiing, swam with dolphins and laid by the pool. It was the perfect vacation and Alwyn and I managed to work out everyday while we were there too. (We had to offset the Coronas and Chips & Guac somehow :)).

No excuse not to take 30-40 minutes and get a workout in while you are on vacation. Somedays we hit the gym for intervals on the treadmill which was harder than ever since it was over 100 degrees and super humid and the gym was open doors looking out over the ocean which was pretty but why they didn't have it closed and the A/C cranking I don't know. Just standing there you were dripping with sweat. An interval workout that normally wouldn't be so hard feels a lot tougher than it should. I also did a functional strength workout in the corner one day. There were no dumbbells or benches at all in the gym so I did a circuit of T Push Ups, SHELCS(they had a swiss ball), Lunges, Forward Ball Roll Outs and One Legged Squats. The gym is right by the pool and like I said is open air so as I was doing my one legged squats some old man was pacing watching me and then eventually stood there in his swimming shorts drinking his beer watching me do my set and then gave me a thumbs up. Now that's motivation! :) Later at the buffet he came up to me and said- "You are in good shape and strong, congratulations!" Why is it such an impressive sight for people to see a woman who is strong? I hope when my book comes out this will be more common sight to see- women who are strong. One day Alwyn and I even tried to do the circuit of fixed machines realizing why we never use machines EVER- I think we both hurt ourselves, they are so awkward and do nothing for me.

But our best workouts were on the TRX which we brought with us. We hooked it to a Volleyball court post and busted out a TRX workout which in that heat was one of the hardest workouts either of us had ever done. Packing a TRX is easy to take with you and you don't have to depend on the hotel having a good gym. And it is a great workout! We did a circuit of Bulgarian Split Squats, Push Ups, One Legged Squats, Inverted Rows and then we finished with a sprint run paired with Fall outs. It was tough!
We were both drenched with sweat and metabolisms up and ready for a day of lying by the pool and rehydrating when we were done.
Don't forget to pack your TRX for your next vacation! If you don't have a TRX- Click Here to get one today so you don't miss a workout on your next vacay.