Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Much Does Your Purse Weigh?

For those of you who missed it I was recently on TV on WGN in Chicago and then on Fox. I got hit with some great questions but because you are on limited time (about 4 minutes) I wasn't able to fully answer each question....

On the first show the anchor said to me, "You want us to lift 20 lbs??? That's a lot of weight!" And my response was- "How much does your purse weigh?" I don't think most women realize that they lift a 5-10 pound purse daily, maybe a 15-20 pound kid daily and 10-12lb pound grocery bags on a regular basis.

The Key- Doing what your body is already used to will not change your body. If you go in the gym and lift 5lbs - 15lb weights you are lifting a weight that you can already lift and do daily.

Doing what you can already do daily WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR BODY.

You must put a demand on your body that it is not used to in order to get it to change. Most women can START by lifting 15-20lb dumbbells and progress from there.

Start to think about what you do in your daily activities and make sure that when you go to the gym you are putting a new demand on your body beyond what it is used to to start transforming your body. And go ahead....weigh your purse...how much does it weigh?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Common Questions from TFBB Answered

One of my reviews on Amazon(thank you for reviewing my book, anyone who can go give it a review on Amazon please do...as long as it's good:)The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want
) Questions answered-

Review- "I really love this book and will be using this plan in my life. The book did leave me with two questions though: Is this book for women of all ages? I noticed that she didn't include women that were over 50 or speak about menopause. The other question is: What do you do if you exercise first thing in the morning when you are supposed to eat breakfast within 15 minutes after getting up in the morning? Other than that, the book is laid out really well and it is easy to understand what to do."

Answer- This book was originally written for the 20-35 age group and was originally going to be a women's health branded book and they asked me to write it for 20s-35s(their target demographic). I work with more women in the 40 and up age group in the gym and many of the stories in the book are on the upper borderline or are way above the 20-35 age range(two of the women are over 50 and another one of the ladies in the book is turning 50 this year and you'd never guess- we snuck them in as 20-40 yr olds). So- YES absolutely the concepts and philosophies in the book will work for women over 50, and have worked for women over 50 many times. You are right that I didn't touch on menopause because of the target demographic of the book but it also leaves it open for a Book #2 aimed at the over 40 crowd....which their seems to be a demand for and is the demographic that will benefit even more from the information but the information is the same. I would just change the hormones shmormones chapter but overall the concepts in the book will get you through menopause healthier, stronger and easier- having a stable blood sugar helps keep your hormones more stable.

As for training first thing in the morning- one of the Fit Female Credos is to be an early riser so you're right I should have given a strategy for this because this has been a question asked more than once. Two options-
1. Make your workout shake and drink half before and during and then finish it post workout, then eat breakfast within an hour after your workout.

2. Have something small and quick such as some yoghurt or hardboiled egg & a banana before you leave the house to train then a shake during and post workout. 

For more answers to commonly asked question go to my FAQ page- Click Here.