Thursday, March 19, 2009

Training Jill, Not Jack at the NSCA PT Conference

This past weekend I spoke at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference. My talk was called Training Jill, Not Jack. I had a great time meeting some of you. If you missed the talk you can purchase it on DVD and not even leave your home! It is available in my store- Click Here.

Here is the workout I did at the Practical Session-

Warm Up- Movement Prep/Corrective
Squat to Stand, Lunge w/ reach, YTWL
A1- Plank 1 x 60s 30s
A2- Bridge Marching- 10ea mod 30s
B1- Front Squat 2 x 8ea mod 30s
B2- 2 Point DB Row 2 x 8ea mod 60s
B3- Partial Co Cont Lunge 2 x 8ea mod 30s
B4- Push Up 2 x 8ea mod 30s
D1- One Legged Romanian Deadlift 2 x 8ea mod 30s
D2- Rotational OH Press 2 x 8ea 30s
Squat Thrusts/BW Squats or BW squat jumps
Pyramid- 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Photo Shoot

What a week I am having! I had my photo shoot for my book last week and it went so great! My model was awesome- beautiful, fit and could do all of my exercises! I got to get my make up and hair done too and get some shots done for my author photos- it is all very exciting! After seeing all of the pictures it really makes this seem real that I have a book coming out. The pictures really brought the vision to life. I am so excited how my book is all coming together- it is going to be great!

I also got brought in a few days early to help out with a Men's Health book and then was asked to stay for another week to help out. I definitley know my way around a photo shoot now. I have learned so much. It has been a lot of fun!

In the mean time my profile is up on precision nutrition. You can read about me on their site at-

Hope everyone is having a great week!