Monday, December 28, 2009

Next stop.....2010!

Christmas snuck up on me and then just like that is behind us... stop 2010!

I love January because in our industry it is so much fun- everyone is motivated and focused and it is such an exciting time of year for many people to have a fresh start. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a planner and yesterday I filled out my new planner for 2010 and I am so excited for the year ahead!  
  • And our coaching group and mastermind meetings who are an amazing group of trainers that Alwyn and I are so excited to work with this year to help them take their businesses to the next level.
  • And then my book

  • which has been selling really well and I am so excited to get my message out to so many women who need it. I plan to be very active working with the community in my website this year- and speaking and meeting women to help as many women as I can have a breakthrough! If you are in the Chicago area or anywhere near come and meet me on January 14th at 6pm at the West Loop Gym. I will be doing a discussion, Q and A and book signing- come out and meet me!  
  • And ofcourse our gym, Results Fitness ( which is going to be celebrating 10 years in business this year! And will be so much fun with the new added space and our awesome team in place who do such a great job! I can't wait to do a workout in the new room! We will continue to "Keep Leading" as one of our core values.

If you are ready to plan out your year (Remember If you Fail to Plan, you should plan to fail) start by getting one of these fabulous calendars my friend Krista Scott Dixon made-

It is full of inspiring pictures sure to keep you focused all year long!

And get 2010 off to a great start!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope to see you at an event in the new year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Exercise Encyclopedia has arrived- Released Today!

Years ago at our gym we started an exercise encyclopedia to have every exercise picture and description in one book. The book is still lying around the gym somewhere but was never finished because this task of thinking of every single exercise and getting pictures and descriptions became overwhelming and the book got shoved aside never to be finished....

But thank goodness - Adam Campbell took on the project and made a BEAUTIFUL book that will now be the Exercise Encyclopedia.  The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU! will now be our Encyclopedia at Results Fitness and will be the "Go To" book for anyone we work with including new employees, our Results Fitness Biz coaching members and online clients.

Adam thought of every possible exercise you can think of....Believe me - I was there for the photo shoot helping him and I couldn't believe the exercises we were shooting - EVERYTHING! Click Here to read about my experience on the photo shoot. I am honored to have been a part of such an amazing book!

Plus he included some of the best minds as contributors (including myself :), the women's version has one of my skinny jeans workouts) putting together programs along with information on how to train, nutrition and what works. This book is the complete guide to every exercise and how to use the exercises to get results.

You still have time to order and get it here before Christmas from Amazon. There are two versions(I'll be ordering the Women's version,The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU! for all of my online clients to save me from ever having to create pictures and descriptions again which is the most time consuming part of writing a program for an online client- thank you Adam!)

Order Today!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

9 Days until Christmas!!!!!!

If you are anything like me you still have more than a few people on your list to get gifts for and time is running out. Is it just me or did Christmas sneak up faster this year? Well, I have a few last minute gift ideas for you or ideas that you may want to hint to someone near to you....

Under $5.00
  • Fit Female Credo Poster - If someone in your life has been reading The Female Body Breakthrough a great stocking stuffer is The Fit Female Credo Poster for Only $2 bucks.

Under $20.00
  • If you have a female in your life you have to get her a copy of The Female Body Breakthrough. For less than $15 you can change her life with the information in this book.

Under $50
Under $100
  • One Month Membership to The Fit Female Community

for only $97.00 you can give the female in your life me as her coach for one month inside along with access to exclusive content and a community of fit females.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope Santa brings you everything you desire!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Excerpt from US News &World Report- 6 Stupid Holiday Diet Tips you should Ignore

This is an excerpt from an article by Katherine Hobson-

Click Here to see the article.

Make "healthful" versions of holiday favorites—like nonfat, no-sugar cheesecake.

OK, I made up that example; I'm not sure such a thing exists. But, says Cosgrove, substituting ingredients or making "lite" holiday dishes is rarely a good idea. "Usually, it still isn't very healthy, and now it just doesn't taste as good," she says. "Life's too short not to have my grandmother's sweet potato pie." Her suggestion for the holidays (and the rest of the year): Eat healthfully 90 percent of the time, and then give yourself the freedom to splurge during the other 10 percent. Rather than taking the fun out of all your holiday meals, pick the ones at which you want to indulge, and, at the rest, pass up the goodies.

Monday, December 07, 2009

What are your core values?

In our company we have core values that we live and breathe by as a team. These are core values that Alwyn and I have in our personal life and as a company they define who we look for in people we hire for our company. Everyday, any decision that gets made gets filtered through these core values.

I wish I could say we had these in place from day one when we opened our business(10 years ago) but we didn't. It would have kept us from making some of the mistakes we made like hiring the wrong people at times. We had core values but it wasn't until I started studying the company, Zappos that we redefined our core values and really started to use our core values in everything we do. We are always learning from businesses outside of the fitness business to make sure we "Keep Leading" which is one of our core values.

What are your core values? whether you have a company or simply have them for yourself it is a powerful exercise to sit down and decide what do you stand for? What drives you?

Our Core Values-

  1. Bring your best
  2. Be Professional
  3. Integrity, honesty and transparency
  4. Only good days and great days!
  5. WE, not ME.
  6. Constant learning and never ending improvement.
  7. Fun and Humor.
  8. Strive for profitability.
  9. Exceed expectations.
  10. Keep leading.
Starting with a solid base of core values to build your company on
is one of our secrets to unlocking your success as a business. We
will be teaching a TON of fitness business success secrets at our
upcoming seminar.

We are in Rhode Island this weekend.

Don't miss it- Click Here