Friday, August 22, 2008

My neighbours think I am crazy...

I just got done doing my workout today in my backyard. Don't know if any neighbours saw me cause I was in my own little world swinging a kettlebell around, listening to my Ipod and dancing and singing between rounds. Had a great workout even if my neighbours do think I am crazy :). The lightest kettlebell we have at our house is 24kg(50 pds) kettlebell because we took all of the other ones to the gym for our kettlebell classes we just started. So, I made do with it...

BTW, If you are looking for some great kettlebell workouts you have to check out Art of Strength. The DVDs are awesome to follow along with.

This is the workout I did-

I did Round 1-3 around 3 times all with the 24kg bell. It was a tough workout!

Between rounds I took 1-2 minutes and grooved out to my Ipod as my active rest.

Round 1-
Repeat the following 3x each round
Dead swings 5x
Sumo Deadlifts 5x
Swings 10x

Round 2
Repeat the following 3x each round
Clean Ladders 1x2x3x L,R
5 one arm swings L,R

Round 3
Repeat the following 3x each round
Front Squat 10x
Single Leg Deadlift 5x R,L

Now I am drinking my postworkout shake, gonna hit the shower and head to work! Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Coming Soon new DVD!!!!!

Coming Soon!!!This past weekend I shot my first DVD on my own! Alwyn and I have shot a couple of different ones together such as our body weight training DVD but this is the first one I have done on my own. This DVD is a workout with me while I explain the concepts I use when training females and how I think women need to approach exercise. I thought taking you along on a workout with me would be the best way to show you what I mean when I say women need to push themselves beyond their comfort zone to get their body to change. A few still shots from the DVD shoot-

Stay tuned for the release!!!

Have a fabulous day!

Train hard and stay focused!