Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Much Does Your Purse Weigh?

For those of you who missed it I was recently on TV on WGN in Chicago and then on Fox. I got hit with some great questions but because you are on limited time (about 4 minutes) I wasn't able to fully answer each question....

On the first show the anchor said to me, "You want us to lift 20 lbs??? That's a lot of weight!" And my response was- "How much does your purse weigh?" I don't think most women realize that they lift a 5-10 pound purse daily, maybe a 15-20 pound kid daily and 10-12lb pound grocery bags on a regular basis.

The Key- Doing what your body is already used to will not change your body. If you go in the gym and lift 5lbs - 15lb weights you are lifting a weight that you can already lift and do daily.

Doing what you can already do daily WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR BODY.

You must put a demand on your body that it is not used to in order to get it to change. Most women can START by lifting 15-20lb dumbbells and progress from there.

Start to think about what you do in your daily activities and make sure that when you go to the gym you are putting a new demand on your body beyond what it is used to to start transforming your body. And go ahead....weigh your purse...how much does it weigh?