Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting the workout done on vacation

Just got back from a vacation in Cabo and had a great time. Did some jet skiing, swam with dolphins and laid by the pool. It was the perfect vacation and Alwyn and I managed to work out everyday while we were there too. (We had to offset the Coronas and Chips & Guac somehow :)).

No excuse not to take 30-40 minutes and get a workout in while you are on vacation. Somedays we hit the gym for intervals on the treadmill which was harder than ever since it was over 100 degrees and super humid and the gym was open doors looking out over the ocean which was pretty but why they didn't have it closed and the A/C cranking I don't know. Just standing there you were dripping with sweat. An interval workout that normally wouldn't be so hard feels a lot tougher than it should. I also did a functional strength workout in the corner one day. There were no dumbbells or benches at all in the gym so I did a circuit of T Push Ups, SHELCS(they had a swiss ball), Lunges, Forward Ball Roll Outs and One Legged Squats. The gym is right by the pool and like I said is open air so as I was doing my one legged squats some old man was pacing watching me and then eventually stood there in his swimming shorts drinking his beer watching me do my set and then gave me a thumbs up. Now that's motivation! :) Later at the buffet he came up to me and said- "You are in good shape and strong, congratulations!" Why is it such an impressive sight for people to see a woman who is strong? I hope when my book comes out this will be more common sight to see- women who are strong. One day Alwyn and I even tried to do the circuit of fixed machines realizing why we never use machines EVER- I think we both hurt ourselves, they are so awkward and do nothing for me.

But our best workouts were on the TRX which we brought with us. We hooked it to a Volleyball court post and busted out a TRX workout which in that heat was one of the hardest workouts either of us had ever done. Packing a TRX is easy to take with you and you don't have to depend on the hotel having a good gym. And it is a great workout! We did a circuit of Bulgarian Split Squats, Push Ups, One Legged Squats, Inverted Rows and then we finished with a sprint run paired with Fall outs. It was tough!
We were both drenched with sweat and metabolisms up and ready for a day of lying by the pool and rehydrating when we were done.
Don't forget to pack your TRX for your next vacation! If you don't have a TRX- Click Here to get one today so you don't miss a workout on your next vacay.