Friday, November 27, 2009

The Female Body Breakthrough Vs. Afterburn

I have had this question in my inbox more than once this past week so thought I should address it.

"What is the difference between Afterburn and The Female Body Breakthrough? Both of them have workouts to do and nutrition to follow? Which one should I get?"

The Female Body Breakthrough is the most up to date product we currently have of what we do in our gym. Afterburn when it was written was exactly what we do in our gym and it still works very well but since then we have changed the way we do our warm ups and our core exercises. We have also changed the way we do interval training with our clients. We are constantly upgrading what we do sticking to one of our core values as a company which is to "Keep Leading."

They are not the same program. I wrote The Female Body Breakthrough Program from scratch but based on the same philosophies as After burn so the similarities will be there. If you have done Afterburn and are looking for more then check out my book. Plus my book is written very specifically for women.

But they are both based on the same principles- full body programs, using bang for your buck exercises in a circuit fashion, changing the reps and exercises every 4 weeks. A program that works and has been shown to work over and over and over again.

Wouldn't you be skeptical if you picked up my book and it looked nothing like Afterburn which is what we have been saying works? The products we produce are based on real programs that were done with real people and the principles of these programs, what makes them effective is exactly the same so the actual programs are not going to be too different from each other.

What's the decision- get both! My book is less than $15.00.

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