Monday, November 30, 2009

Attention Trainers- Fast Track to Fitness Business Success

Have passion for what you do.

Do what you love and the money will follow.

Work Hard and success will come.

Dream big, think good thoughts and life will fall in to place.

All great ideas....but all LIES.

I know that some of you reading this blog are a lot like me- love what you do, very passionate about helping people and would do it for free. No matter how passionate you are, no matter how much heart and soul you put in to each and every day....when it comes to business you HAVE to learn a system to make it work. And if you are in the fitness industry as your career long term and want to help as many people as possible, you HAVE to learn how to run a business. Business skills not only help you with your career but will help you in life.

Alwyn and I opened our gym 10 years ago and we had passion. In fact, when we first opened we decided we wouldn't focus on sales, numbers or selling anything because if we got people in shape and were good at what we do our business would be successful on it's own. Love what you do and the money will follow.....right?

Very quickly we realized....we weren't making enough to pay our bills, we were working insane hours, working VERY Hard, and there was no end in sight unless we changed a few things. We started to read every business book we could, hire business consultants and attend seminars and conferences on business and started to learn how to run a business. In addition we learned from every single mistake we made (and there were a lot of them, 55 Mistakes at least- read about them in our book and don't make the same ones)

If you learn how to run a business, you can help a lot more people and fulfill your passion even more. But you have to get your nose out of the exercise and training books and get yourself off of learning new exercises(You know enough exercises by now...) and on to how to run a business!

At this point our business does not depend on us. We have 250 people who come through our doors weekly who we are changing their lives with the systems we have in place. We have an amazing team who follow the system. Alwyn and I don't have to be there. Not only that but every month we are in the magazines with editors calling us monthly as fitness experts and Alwyn and I each have published books with major publishers and speak around the world on our passion- fitness. Not only that but recently we were quoted by IHRSA as Business Experts (this is a huge milestone for a couple of trainers:)) - check it out.

We have built a very successful fitness business that supports the life we want to live and you can learn EVERYTHING from us- every mistake, every secret, how to start and build your own fitness facility, how to become a highly sought after expert in the industry and how to reach and change as many lives as possible.

We are now teaching the exact system we use at our gym. We are teaching EVERYTHING we have learned over the ten years in business. We can save you so much time and so many mistakes.

Alwyn and I feel that at this point the way for us to help even more people is to reach out to the other trainers who are where we were ten years ago and help them to create businesses where they too can have hundreds of clients changing their lives. We want to give you what we call "Aha moments" where you have one idea that completely changes your life and your business. We have been in your shoes and we want to help you to build a successful business.

We guarantee we can fast track your business and you success in this industry!

If you are a trainer (or thinking about switching careers) who loves what you do and wants to be the best at it, Do Not Miss this opportunity! If only we had something like this when we first started out!

In two weeks we will be in Rhode Island. If you are anywhere near the area DO NOT MISS THIS. Or check out the flight deals on Virgin America- only $39 bucks from a lot of places to Boston(about an hour drive to RI)- No excuse! And you can get CEU's too! And it is a tax write off- so basically it is Free!

Start 2010 armed with the information you need to fast forward your career and