Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting my "Figure" back...

So, after I went to the Triathlon World Championships and represented Team USA in Vancouver, Canada I knew when I got back I wanted to get back to lifting weights. My body had started to look more and more like an endurance athlete. I had no definition, had lost my abs and no matter how clean I ate my body looked soft.

I first noticed this when I did my Ironman. The first clue was when I was absolutley not going to wear a sports bra top at my Ironman because I did not like the way my midsection was looking. Here I was in what you would think would be the best shape of my life, ready to become an Ironman yet I wanted my abs covered up. After my Ironman and looking at the pics of me in the race

I knew my body needed a break from all of this endurance and I missed my abs and my defined arms but when I qualified for the World Championships I decided I needed to stick with the endurance a little longer to have the experience of going to the World Championships so I kept running, biking and swimming and looking more and more like an endurance athlete.

Now that World Championships are over and I had an amazing experience I am ready to get my "figure" back. When I say "figure" what I mean is looking like a figure competitor. I don't necessarily want to compete but I do want to look like I could compete.

So, since the World Championships(5 weeks ago)I have done ZERO cardio, aerobics, or anything endurance related. I have instead been doing 5 days a week of strength training and interval style cardio using burpees, jumping jacks, etc. My body quickly dropped a couple pounds and above all looks more defined and I am getting my "figure" back!

I love manipulating my training to make my body look different. It is so amazing!

Anyway, today I decided I wanted to go out for a run. It has been 5 weeks. I would do the short 2.5 mile loop that I was doing leading up to the World Championships. I was doing it once a week and timing myself and each week getting faster until I had a personal best the week before I left for Vancouver. I headed out today and felt pretty good. Amazingly after not running for 5 weeks I was able to match the time I did the loop in 2 weeks before Worlds. So, I didn't set a personal best but I haven't lost too much over the 5 weeks.

And I am getting my abs back! Go "figure"!