Friday, January 26, 2007

Getting Psyched up to race next weekend!

Well, I am getting psyched up to run a half marathon next weekend. This is the same half marathon I ran last year so of course I have certain expectations on myself to beat my time last year. In this half marathon last year I ran a 9:33 min/mile pace finishing in about 2:05. This year I would love to finish in under 2:00 hours with a 9 min/ mile pace but that would be quite an improvement. I have been hitting the track once a week working on my speed along with one longer run a week. Today I headed out for my last long run before the half marathon next weekend and I ran 8 miles in 1:12! So I am right on track for my 9 min/mile! With a small taper this week and the race adrenaline I should be able to hold that pace for 13 miles. Or at least come pretty close. This race next weekend will give me an idea of how my run will be at the Half Ironman in 8 weeks. I'll keep you posted!