Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thinking about doing your first triathlon?

Very Exciting! My new book is done and available for purchase as an Ebook!

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Last year my training partner and I, Erika Lilley, started writing a book about training for a triathlon. We wanted to include EVERYTHING we knew as triathletes ourselves and coaches. Through our own experience as triathletes, coaching other triathletes and attending courses and certifications on training for triathlon we have figured out the most effective training programs to have your best performance and stay injury free throughout your training. We included it all in this book!

Click Here to Purchase Now!

If 2008 is the year you will do your first triathlon, you cannot start training without getting this book. Included in this book is-

  • Planning your season and setting your goals

  • A complete 24 week Triathlon Training Program- exactly what to do every day to complete your tri

  • 24 weeks of endurance specific strength training workouts complete with pictures and descriptions

  • Flexibility for triathletes, what to include and what not to include

  • Getting the right gear- what not to forget

  • Nutrition and hydration- both the basics and what to do to ensure optimal performance

  • Preventing and treating injuries

  • How to have optimal recovery and get the most out of your training

  • What to expect on race day

Currently available as an Ebook, Click here to start reading immediatley and start training for your first triathlon!