Monday, January 28, 2008

World Championships

I qualified for the short course world championships to be on Team USA! This takes place in Vancouver, Canada in June and the level of competitor will be like nothing I have ever experienced. The winners will be going to the olympics this year filling any spots left on our olympic team.

I am just excited to have qualified and to get to go and experience being on Team USA and ofcourse get all of the cool Team USA gear :) I really have to train my butt off for it though so that I am not the very last one to finish. I looked up the results and with my last olympic distance race time I would be 78th out 81 in my age group so I need to work on getting faster than that! This will be a really good goal for me to do well at this race(well for me).

In the mean time I have my annual half Ironman in 9 weeks, the California Half in Oceanside that I have done the last 2 years. I have to beat my time last year which will be tough since I was training for an Ironman last year.

I'll start keeping you updated on my training on this blog. Train hard and stay focused!