Thursday, February 05, 2009

55 Fitness Business Strategies for Success

Our new business book - "55 Fitness Business Strategies for Success" launched last weekend at the Perform Better Seminar in Los Angeles.We only had 50 copies available -- and we sold out.

The good news is that the book is available now and is on sale for the next seven days for $19.99.Pick it up here => 55 Fitness Business Strategies

Here is an excerpt from the book:
Strategy 31
Have a separate program design department.

Every program needs to be designed according to the same systemized philosophy.

You shouldn’t have one trainer who does functional training with her clients, and another trainer who does Olympic lifts and another trainer who does all power lifting or bodybuilding.

Decide on one philosophy and create a system to design all of the programs through that philosophy so every trainer is using a program that follows the same philosophy.

Every client should get the best that you have to offer- you decide what that is.

Initially as the owner, you may be designing all of the programs and as you hire trainers, you will design the programs that they will implement. You should have a standard evaluation that any of your trainers can take them through and then they turn this evaluation into the Program designer. We use The Functional Movement Screen developed by Gray Cook, along with a health history, goal assessment, range of motion test and flexibility test. This evaluation can be easily taught to a new fitness coach. The program designer should work off of a template - The key is to have a system.

* Allows you to hire trainers who may not know how to write a good program initially. Remember in the staffing chapter when we discussed hiring the people with the lowest skill? This is exactly what we are talking about. Hire someone who loves fitness, has good training skills and a great personality but may not know how to periodize a 16 week program to get 20-30 pounds of body fat off of somebody safely and effectively. Leave that to the Program Design Team.

* Again you have a business because what you do with your clients is successful- why would you want your clients to do anything different from what you would do with them?

* It creates a great environment for teamwork. The client knows they have someone writing their program and someone teaching it to them. They have a whole team working to get them the best results possible.

* If a trainer leaves or a program designer leaves, the client is not affected. Someone else takes over the same system and the client’s training does not miss a beat.

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"I just finished the new book. Great guide! Seriously, you two are making it so much easier for people to succeed, achieve results faster and feel less frustrations"--Rob Pilger

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