Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lost 2 for a rant!

Alright, I have to use this opportunity to have a rant...

I am working with a group of women at the gym who have 12 weeks to get into their skinny jeans. I told them I would be measuring them every two weeks and then they would try on their skinny jeans every 3-4 weeks but I would only take the time to measure them if they bring their journal filled out 90% compliant to the nutrition rules I gave them. You see I have consistantly seen with my clients that if they are not 90% compliant their body will not change. Also if they are not following a plan at least 90% of the time then I don't know what is working and what isn't. So there is no point in measuring.

It is time. Tuesday is when we will check in and see how they did the first 2 weeks of their challenge. I am sure I will see the majority of these clients losing 2-4 pounds of fat after following the nutrition advice 90% of the time and writing down what they are doing and getting all of their workouts done. They are commited and focused and will see results.

Now for the rant...I have already heard that some of these women were at the gym last week(after 1 week) discussing how- "I haven't lost anything...nothing is happening...I need to just start starving myself. This isn't working to eat more..." This sounds like negative talk from people who have not fully bought in to my advice and are probably not following it from the beginning. They are looking for an excuse or something to blame for why they are not seeing results. If you want to lose fat, do what I tell you and it will work- guaranteed! But you have to commit.

I know for a fact that if they have not changed at all then they are not following what I told them to do 90% of the time. How do I know this? Because I have worked with enough clients and I have seen over and over again on then and on myself and KNOW that their bodies WILL CHANGE if they are following what I tell them to.

Proof- This week I started "dialing it in" myself because I have my photo shoot next week for my book. Now I am already working out regularly, eating probably 80-85% of the time compliant to my nutrition rules but this last week I stepped it up and added in some extra workouts and stuck to my nutrition 90% of the time and GUESS WHAT- AMAZING! I dropped 2 pounds! Now this wasn't a bloated 2 pounds, this was me already feeling pretty good and lean, probably about 19% body fat and dropping another 2 pounds to get closer to 18% body fat.

What did my week look like?

2 Strength Training workouts
2 Metabolic Workouts
1 Stairmill interval session(20 minutes)
1 Run around the block(30 minutes)
1 Day Off

90% compliant- my splurges included 1 night of Shepard's pie, 2 glasses of wine and dessert for my Grandma's Birthday and then another night with 2 glasses of wine for a friend's birthday. Yes, I enjoyed these splurges AND lost 2 pounds. Otherwise, my days were made up of - Eggs/Egg Whites and Spinach, Yoghurt & blueberries, Chicken breast, lettuce, oil and vinegar, Tuna and apples or a shake at the gym(usually Peanut Butter Peal) and for dinner Mahi Mahi, Steak or chicken and veggies and ofcourse one of our shakes at the gym after every workout- Hawaiian Harvest is my fav!

Now, I had heard about some of these clients complaining about not changing and I had already thought to myself- they are not following what I told them to do, maybe unconciously, and are looking for something to blame. I am looking forward to seeing their journals- Maybe they skipped a meal here or there or they rationalized that having wheat thins for their snack was allowed or trail mix maybe. Or they forgot about the potatoes or bread they decided to have with dinner this week. They may have thought they were 90% but were actually 70-80%.Whatever it was if they did not change this week, they were not 90% on the plan guaranteed.

Checking in with myself at the one week point of my "dial it in phase" after a couple splurges this week was evidence once again that there is no reason their bodies should not be changing.

Be honest with yourself, are you doing what it takes to change your body? If so stay positive, stay focused and watch out for any negative chit chat you have going on in your head. The mind and body are VERY connected and if you are thinking that- "This doesn't work. I am destined to be fat forever. I will never lose fat...." Guess what you are right!

Whether you think you can or think you can't- you are absolutley right!