Saturday, June 06, 2009

90% On Average - Nutrition Periodization

That last post was not meant to give everyone an excuse to take a week off. Actually I have been thoroughly enjoying getting back to my normal lifestyle- eating healthy, getting all of my workouts in and losing the bloat. Back to my normal self...

I always follow the 80-90% rule with my nutrition but one concept that I don't know if I have ever explained is the 90% "on average" concept.

When I have a week like we did last week in Britain I do my best to be close to 100% on track the week or two before we leave and then when I get back (this week) I am super motivated because I have had a break and am usually close to 100% for a week or two on the other side. So over 5 weeks-

Week 1- 100%
Week 2- 100%
Week 3- 50%
Week 4- 100%
Week 5- 100%

Guess what? On average the above equals 90%!!!! So on average I am actually right on track. The hard part about the above is being 100%. 100% means no meals can be missed, no vegetables can be skipped, and no wine can be drank(usually my weakness, a glass of wine with dinner 1-2 x a week). But knowing you are leaving on vacation in a few weeks keeps you focused and then because you let yourself relax, you are ready to be back on 100%. It works really well actually and is a strategy you should give a try.

I think too many people try to be 100% all the time and it just does not work long term. They eventually blow it, become self destructive and it gets them nowhere. Plus your body needs a break and will respond better afterwards.

It is periodization with your nutrition! We are always using a periodized training program, why wouldn't your nutrition be the same? Having periods of a more regimented food intake and other times of complete freestyling.

At this point I have 6 weeks until Alwyn and I head to Cabo for another vacation so once I again I will be on track close to 100% until we go because I know we will probably relax and have a few drinks while we are there. So overall, my year is 90% on track with what I should be eating and therefore I can feel good, look good and enjoy a relaxing vacation throughout the year!