Tuesday, February 19, 2008

12 Week Challenge

The 12 Week Challenge is off and running at our gym and clients are buzzing around motivated with goals in mind to accomplish over the 12 weeks. The motivation is contagious and you can't help but join in!

Our staff also join in and have our own challenge where each of us set goals and push ourselves to new levels over the 12 weeks with our clients. We each put money in and the winner gets the whole pot at the end.

So, what's in store for me over the 12 weeks?

Ever since my Ironman I would say I have been slacking(that is compared to doing 20 hours a week of exercise). Since my Ironman I have been to Scotland twice for 2 weeks at a time(not the best for preventing post Ironman weight gain) and ofcourse the holidays and whatever other excuse I can come up with...I gained some bodyfat and haven't been as consistant as I usually like to be with my nutrition and training....YES, Rachel Cosgrove loses focus sometimes too... :) I am only human.

I think some of my clients think I don't have to work at it BUT for me if I am not consistant I have the genetic potential to gain body fat quite easily so a few months without keeping myself focused and consistant and I have gained a few pounds.

Our bodies are always fluctuating. It is hard to ever truly "maintain," you are usually either gaining bodyfat or losing bodyfat. I always tell my clients to have an upper limit that they will let themselves get to before they will take action and and get back down closer to their target weight and bodyfat. There are times of the year when everyone will edge up on that upper limit and then times to step up your training and peak at an all new fitness level.

Now is a time to step it up and peak. I have twelve weeks and over that twelve weeks I will-
1. Lose 8 pounds of body fat(to be at a lower bodyfat than when I did my Ironman).
2. Compete in the California Half Ironman at the half way point(in 6 weeks).
3. Compete at Wildflower Olympic distance at the end of the 12 weeks with a personal best at an Olympic Distance race leading to the World Championships that I will be attending in June in Vancouver, Canada.

Join me on my challenge. Check my blog regularly for updates over the next 12 weeks! Gotta go pack my lunch and train :)