Thursday, January 22, 2009

Drinking Water from a fire hose!

A guest blog from my hubby, AC:

Tom Oberhue of Impact Performance Training said the Results Fitness Mentorship was like:

"Drinking Water from a Fire Hose!! " and "Contained a Mind-Blowing Amount of Information""I just finished an amazing four days in LA doing a business mentorship at Results Fitness with Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. We covered so much material ... the A to Z of the fitness business. It has taken my understanding and thinking to a whole new level."--Tom OberhuePortland, OR

Been getting a lot of emails asking me about our membership site, our platinum business coaching program and our mentorship course.Well, it all starts with the mentorship course - you can't get into any of the coaching programs unless you attend a mentorship first. In fact we don't even answer business emails or inquiries to non-coaching group members anymore.So this years remaining mentorships are as follows (we just finished another group last week):April has only 3 spaces leftJune has 4 spots leftSeptember is sold outNovember has 4 spaces open currently.If you are at all interested then email and she'll give you all the details.Basically it's 4 long days where we take your current business apart piece by piece and rebuild from the ground up.We cover lead generation, lead conversion, client fulfillment and retention, marketing, sales, program design systems, and other service centers within your training business.We also open up our business and share with you every single system that we use, and implement daily in our facility and we go over everything that we monitor and track.It's all business for 4 days and is aimed at small gym owners, trainers and studio owners,Just wanted a reminder (for the few who have asked) that I can't (won't) take business coaching clients on who haven't been through the mentorship events. Plus you get as much Q&A time with Rachel and I as you'll ever want! Results Fitness was voted one of America’s Top 30 Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine in 2008 - this is your chance to find out first hand why!

"This was truly a transforming experience! I now see what is possible and how there are no limits! Rachel and Alwyn and their entire Results Fitness staff are simply amazing and their openness and willingness to help others is WONDERFUL! These four days are going to change everything for me. I am inspired, excited, motivated and realize the only limits that exist are the ones i put on myself. Thank you somuch!!"- Sarah Scozzaro (Germany)"

Alwyn and Rachel create a learning environment unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced. the small group environment allowed us to direct the flow of conversation. they were an open book and went above and beyond the call of duty. Best Investment Ever!!!"- Ryan Patrick (USA)

"if you only get to meet Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove once, this once in a lifetime experience could change your life, business, program design and so much more. this experience was so valuable. Personally I wouldn't want to miss out! If you don't go, your competition will!"- Joe Hanney (UK)

"If you're serious about personal development, learning and accelerating your business forward, I would highly recommend you attend a Results Fitness mentorship. it's well worth the investment."- Alexandria Wilson (UK)

"if you would like a better life, more money and to be a better coach then you NEED to go to this mentorship. It will completely revolutionize your thought process and thus everything else."- Josef Brandenberg (USA)

You can download the mentorship brochure HERE

“Results Fitness is quite possibly the most profitable gym per square foot in the country” – Thomas Plummer (Fitness industry consultant)

The investment for the mentorship is $1500.