Monday, January 26, 2009

Perform Better One Day in Los Angeles

This weekend I went to the Perform Better One Day Learn by Doing in Los Angeles. My husband was speaking but the real reason I went was to learn and network. I always learn something at these events or have an "Aha" moment talking to someone I meet. Todd Durkin, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Anthony Deluglio and of course my husband, Alwyn Cosgrove all spoke at the seminar.

Perform Better puts on a great event, they are the top in the industry when it comes to continuing education. It was close to sold out, if not sold out(I think every seat was taken but don't know if they actually turned anybody away). I am surprised that I did not see EVERY single trainer I know in attendance there, why anyone would miss a Perform Better event???? I know a lot of trainers in Los Angeles who weren't there- it baffles me. Heck, the audience was almost more impressive- I saw Sean Skahan, strength coach for the Anaheim Ducks, and trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson was in attendance sitting in the audience learning and this was the first one Valerie Waters, trainer to Jennifer Garner and Cindy Crawford among other beautiful celebrity clients has missed in years(only because she had a previous commitment). Any trainer who is a professional and who takes their career seriously was there learning and getting even better.

What did I learn?

Todd Durkin- Todd's talk was motivational and reminded me of the daily actions I need to take to continue being successful in our business. His energy is contagious! He had a list of Lessons learned from the Trenches, here are a few of them -
  • Focus on delivering the Customer Experience!
  • Don't live in FEAR- "Fear" is False Expectations Appearing Real
  • "If you're tired, you're not inspired"
  • "Do what you do best and hire the rest"
  • Focus on the process, not the product. (The Journey)
  • Don't spread yourself too thin- learn to say No!
  • Protect against burnout by investing in yourself, staying hungry and leveraging your time.
  • Attention to detail is critical
  • Adversity is God's way of teaching you a lesson to be used at a different time in your life.
  • Mo-mentum means Mo Money!!!
  • The Power of Success lies within you!

His hands on was intense! He did some great stuff to use in boot camps or group classes, partner stuff and games. Again his energy is insane!!!

Alwyn Cosgrove- My husband was hilarious as usual. He makes me laugh everyday and he made the audience laugh outloud on Saturday along with provide some of the real strategies we have learned running our business for the last 9 years. We almost sold out our April mentorship, I think we have 2 spots left. If you are interested, download the brochure here and send in your resume and a paragraph about why you should be accepted to You can also check out our site at

Alwyn's hands on used kettlebells, bands, sand bags, val slides, swiss balls and body weight to give everybody an awesome workout.

Gray Cook- Gray discussed the primitive patterns of squatting, lungingm stepping, reaching, leg raising, push up and rotary stability. Most of all the walk away piece of information that everyone grasped was that we need to stop doing crunches with our clients and use all Core stabilization exercises in place for core work. Crunches = Low back injuries. If you are lost on what I mean by core stabilization exercises check out our brand new Ultimate Core DVD that has a TON of exercises on it. His FMS certification course is coming up in February and is one not to miss if you want to be at the top of the field in this industry. If you aren't doing some kind of screen with your clients, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle. You must assess for success!

Mike Boyle- Mike talked about the difference between training a "fat" client and an athlete. He talked about stuff like the fact that you can't have a "fat" person roll around on a foam roller or do a bunch of core activation or one legged exercises- all stuff that he makes the number one priority with his athletes. A funny visual was him describing trying to get a "fat" person to do a plank and how basically what happened was the person was on his elbows and feet but his stomach, his boobs and everything else was also on the ground and there was no way that guy could "feel" if his abdominal was engaged, he hadn't felt or seen his abdominal muscle in years. This talk was stuff that all of us who train fat people know already but I thought it was good for Mike to cover it because I think sometimes trainers come back from these conferences with all kinds of crazy stuff when the basics will work with the average fat client who most of us train on a daily basis.

Anthony Deluglio- Anthony is one of the most innovative people I know and is always coming up with new ideas and new inventions. Anthony had a line up of 7 different exercises, each one correlating to one of the tests on the functional movement screen. He is recommending using these exercises for your screen which would get the client feeling the exercise, getting a bit of a workout and realizing they can do this but also give you the feedback you need to write their program. The exercises included a get up sit up, a swing using a rope with the kettlebell, a double clean, a front squat, lunge with a twist and a few other basic exercises to see how the client moves and give them a workout. Anthony is always excellent!

So, there is a scraping of what was taught on Saturday. If you missed out you should definitely look up on the Perform Better site when the next event is in your area. The three day summit Perform Better puts on is definitely one not to miss- there are 4 speakers going every hour for three days so you can totally immerse yourself in professional development for the weekend.

Learn more to earn more. Be the best at what you do and you will never be short of income!