Monday, January 19, 2009

Keep up...

We just had our first Results Fitness Biz mentorship of 2009 last week. 9 trainers in this industry just took a HUGE jump up the ladder of success in this field. What has taken Alwyn and I 9 years to figure out through mistakes and experiences, we shared with this group of people to save them from making the same mistakes and they sucked it in like sponges. This group was full of questions and got every answer. They each left with an action plan that they will start to implement this week. It was such a pleasure to work with a group of people in this industry who are looking to be the best at what they do. And they will quickly pass everyone else up.

"The Results Fitness mentorship has been one of the most inspiring and enlightening educational experiences I have ever had. I flew from the UK to attend the course and high expectations, but I am blown away with everything I have learnt from Rachel, Alwyn and their incredible team." Charlotte Ord

They each received our Trainer to Business Owner manual which is exclusive to those who attend our mentorship along with a computer disc with our program templates, budgets, spreadsheets, forms we use...EVERYTHING we have to offer right on a disc to use immediatley in their own businesses. They sat in my office with me as I opened my hard drive and shared every form and document I use on a daily basis to run our business. They also worked out with Alwyn and I and had some fun!

They "get" it

The people who "get" it come to our Results Fitness Biz Mentorship and hear about all of our experiences and fast track where they are in their fitness business so they don't have to make the same mistakes we did. They know that the time and money invested for this 4 days will pay them back double, triple...or whatever they decide. Attending this mentorship will save them a ton of time and money as their businesses grow. I wish Alwyn and I had an opportunity like this when we first started out!

To learn more about it go to This is our membership site that is exclusive to our coaching group and is only open to those who have attended our mentorship. Alwyn and I only want to work with people in this industry who are serious about their career and want to be the best. You can only be accepted to the mentorship by application. To learn more about it Click Here- Click Here to download our brochure.

Email your resume and a brief paragraph to to apply for our next mentorship.