Sunday, January 11, 2009


Have you set New Years Resoultions, done challenges, set goals for yourself and not hit them? So by now you have given up and think it is hopeless?

Only about 45% of us actually write out New Year's resolutions? According to a survey, that's down from 88%. The reported reason was that only about 8% of us achieve our resolutions, so most people don't believe they work. The problem is most people don’t follow through.

Well, I have exciting news for you! If you have tried and failed in the past- there is hope! You may be that much more likely to change your body, your habits, your lifestyle and make it stick this time around. Recent research suggests that it often takes a number of attempts before people are able to change a habit for good. The National Weight Control Registry is conducting an ongoing study of more than 5000 men and women who have succeeded in maintaining an average weight loss of 66 pounds for more than five years- among them 91 percent had tried and failed in the past.

Consider your past attempts part of your journey and make this time the time you do it for good! Decide what you want this year, committ to yourself that you will follow through and do it no matter what obstacles creep in your way, you will stay focused. 2009 is your year to be in the best shape of your life! Don't ever give up on what you want for yourself!