Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back to hitting the pavement...

The week after my race I had a client fly me out to the Virgin Islands to work with her. This was perfect timing right after my race. I had an easy week of training. I enjoyed the virgin Islands. I ended up running once, lifting weights once and swimming in the crystal clear blue ocean water. It is gorgeous in the Virgin Islands but very humid and very hilly. That Half Ironman there in St. Croix must be a very tough race!

I got back on Friday and Saturday did a 5 mile run getting back into things and then Sunday I did a 32 mile bike ride, pretty hilly. It was actually an 8 mile loop near my house that I did 4 times around. I have 4 weeks until my next race, a very hard hilly half ironman!

So far this week, I lifted weights on Monday and Swam about 2000m and then yesterday I did a Brick including a 16 mile bike with a lot of hills and a 3 mile run. Today was a tough 10 mile run. I felt great on my run today. Tonight I have a swim. I am excited to race again in less than 4 weeks! Should be a good race.

The theme of the training these next few weeks is HILLS!!!!