Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Triathlon recap...

Sunday I did a race. It is a small race that I did last year with some of my clients who I coach for triathlon. A couple of them wanted to do it again so I told them I would go with them.

I had done that crazy century ride the day before so wasn't sure if I should race or just cheer them on. I woke up feeling Ok on Sunday and decided to race. I knew it wouldn't be my best performance but it would be a great workout and practice transitions, etc.

I decided I wanted to have a good swim and a good run. I did my swim in 9:30 for 500m which I was happy with. This was like 5 minutes off my time last year. My bike was exactly the same as last year which was perfect since I had spent 9 hours on my bike the day before. I did make the rookie mistake of not having my bike in the right gear heading out of transition so ended up running my bike up the hill out of transition. Note to self for Wildflower: check bike is in right gear before the race starts. My run was faster then last year, I did the 5K in 28 minutes.

I finished in 1:29! A PR for sprint distance the day after I did a century ride. Not bad, not bad at all!!! I think I am in pretty good shape after all of this training! Still have another 13 weeks until my ironman to get in even better shape!