Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Half Ironman Pic

Here is a pic of me crossing the finish line at the California Half Ironman a few weeks ago. Still smiling :)

We'll see if I am smiling when I cross the finish line at Wildflower next week- Wildflower Triathlon is known as one of the harder, hillier races. Wildflower is a whole weekend of events and most people camp right by the lake where the race takes place. From what I hear it is quite the triathlon scene. This will be my first year going. Should be fun. I opted to rent a house near the lake with 8 people instead of camp. I just didn't want to sleep on the ground before and after a Half Ironman and wait in line for a shower- no thanks! Call me a princess. I am sure I will still get enough of the wildflower experience...70.3 miles of it at least...

My training has been going pretty good. Last week I had my biggest in terms of volume week I have ever done and I have a big knot in my right trap to show for it. Other than that I feel pretty good. The knot has to be from all of the biking I did- 215 miles total in a week. Being in that position that long for that many miles over the week seems to have done a number on my neck. This week is my last build up before a recovery week next week before I race at Wildflower on Saturday.

I do the long course or half ironman on Saturday and then my training partner, Erika, and my sister will do the Olympic distance course on Sunday. We'll be driving up Thursday and staying until Monday- should be a fun, triathlon filled weekend!