Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Week at a glance...

Today is my day off after biking 101 miles, running 18 miles and swimming 6000m since my last day off which was less than a week ago on Thursday. This Ironman Training is getting pretty insane! I am feeling really good except for a knot in my right trap that I have been trying to get rid of. Other than that everything else feels great!

Since my last day off-
Friday 6 mile trail run ( I skipped the swim I had on the schedule because it was pouring rain outside- Hey! I ran in the rain and mud...give me some credit)

Saturday was my longest workout with a brick of a 65 mile bike ride and a 4 mile run. It went well though.

Sunday I swam 3000m

Monday I ran 6 miles and then I lifted weights.

Tuesday- I swam 3000m. Then my training partner, Erika and I rode close to 40 miles( I think it was 36) and did a brick using the stairmill and Incline Treadmill at the gym. We were each on one for 5 minutes and then would swap for a total of 20 minutes- this was pretty tough! We had the incline treadmill at 20 degrees which was really tough.

Today- Rest! I find I am very productive on my day off because I am not used to having so much time in one day so I have to get a lot done because tomorrow morning back to training.

Erika and I are meeting at 6am to do a run on a trail tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will be up enough. I am doing 16 miles. And then lift weights later in the day.

I'll let you know how it goes....