Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

I had a very relaxing memorial day weekend. My husband and I headed up to Santa Barbara and I brought my bike with us. I am on a recovery week so that helped because I didn't have to do quite so much volume. I moved my recovery week back to Wednesday to Wednesday so it ends tomorrow. It was nice to run and bike in a different place.

I actually did my last really BIG day on Tuesday last week when I did a Brick consisting of a 50 mile bike/a 12 mile run/a 20 mile bike. It took about 6 hours and was pretty tough.

Over the weekend I had a great 11 mile run, a couple of bike rides and a swim but overall I took it easy and actually had two full days off. Today I have to start ramping it back up again for another 4 weeks and then that's it- I taper for 4 weeks and Race!!! It sure is coming up fast!

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