Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new bike!!!

Well, I have been in the market for a few months and have been checking bikes out and trying to figure out what kind of Tri Bike I want. That is the problem with this sport- you are never done spending money. As soon as you think you have everything you need you realize you need a second bike- a Tri Bike!!! I was debating on if I really need one or not and if I wanted to just do my ironman on my road bike which I love and has been a great bike for me.

My training partner beat me to it and got her first Tri Bike a few weeks ago. I quickly realized that to keep riding with her I was going to need to upgrade my bike because she was going quite a bit faster now than she was on her road bike. It isn't dramatically faster but enough that she would be waiting for me every couple miles. I think you go 1-2 mph faster on Tri Bike with no extra effort. So, I tried the bike she got, a Kuota, and really liked it but had a lot of people recommend a Cervelo to me so wanted to try it too. I also tried a specialized and it was Ok. I found a Cervelo P3 in my size at one of the bike shops and they let me take it for a spin around the block a few times- I was in love!!! It felt really good, fit me perfectly.

So, I treated myself to a new bike! I picked it up on Monday! I love it! Not only is it fun to ride but it looks really cool too which is very important!(See above)

Yesterday I met with Ian Murray of and he did a bike fit for me. He dropped my handle bars down and made a bunch of adjustments and now the bike fits like a glove. I did ride it yesterday 30 miles before I got fit and even before getting fit it felt pretty good so now I can't wait to take it for a spin!