Monday, May 21, 2007

I qualified for Nationals at the Bakersfield Tri!

Saturday was the Bakersfield Triathlon. This was a 1.2 mile swim, 24 mile bike and 9.5 mile run. They called it a long course but it wasn't a Half Ironman. I could have used a longer bike... It was my first race on my new bike and it worked great- I had so much fun on the bike! I did the 24 miles in 1:16 averaging 19.5 mph. Wheee! I was sad that is was over so soon...

Oh yeah...the swim- it went good, did it in 35 minutes.

But the run was one of the hardest, I think maybe THE hardest runs I have ever done.

This race was a qualifier for the Nationals and the World Championships so Erika, my training partner had to do it to try to qualify for Worlds, so I decided to join in as a training race. I thought Bakersfield is pretty flat, can't be too bad! The bike was pretty flat with a few small climbs and a great downhill but the run was insanely hilly and hot. There was no shade and some of the climbs were faster walking up.

Anyway I finished in 3:31 and came in 5th in my age group and qualified for Nationals! Not bad for a training race. I still am super strong on my bike and need to work on my swim and run to get them up to par with my bike.

I think I will do quite well in Lake Placid. I am starting to think sub 12:30 will be no problem and I may even be close to 12 hours especially with my new bike :)