Monday, May 14, 2007

Progressing along

9 weeks from Wednesday I fly to Lake Placid to do my first Ironman! Time is flying by and I will be swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running a marathon in less than 10 weeks!

This past week I ran 16 miles on Wednesday and felt pretty good. It was very hot and I had quite a few hills in there so felt tough but I felt pretty good.

Thursday I started a new weight training routine and swam 3000m.

Friday I had a long Brick. I started with a 30 mile ride, then ran 8 miles, and then a friend of mine who I used to ride with a lot came up and rode the last 40 miles with me. He was actually my cycling coach when I first got into this sport. He would meet me twice a week and take me on crazy rides and really pushed me to get good on my bike teaching me when to stand up, when to change gears, etc. So, I did 30 mile ride/8 mile run/40 mile ride. This wiped me out for the day! The nice thing was I hadn't rode with him in a few years and he said I have improved quite a bit which was good to hear. It is always good to ride with people better than you.

Saturday I spoke at the Strength and Conditioning Clinic held at College of the Canyons on Strength Training for Females and had a jam packed day with that so I took the day off training.

Sunday I drove to Manhattan Beach to meet up with the LA Tri Club for an Open water swim. I swam a mile and felt really good in the water. Then we rode 40 miles in Palos Verdes, a pretty hilly ride but beautiful! It was me and three guys. My friend Marc who is doing Lake Placid with me and two of his friends. I can definitely hang with the boys on the bike which makes me feel pretty good.

This week I'll be building up my volume some more and then racing on Saturday at Bakersfield Triathlon for my last race before my Ironman!