Thursday, May 17, 2007

Week at a glance...

I have had a great week of training so far.

Sunday- I did an open water swim in Manhattan Beach with the LA Tri Club and then went riding for about 35 miles. I had a great swim, felt very comfortable in the open water and confident. It was great to have such a big group head out into the water.

Monday- Lifted weights on my new routine which is lower in volume so doesn't wipe me out too much. In fact it feels easy and I feel like I could do more when I am done which is what I want so it doesn't mess with my other training sessions. The routine made me sore though so I did something! I also swam on Monday and had a great swim- did 9 x 300m.

Tuesday- I did a Brick on my new bike which hadn't been fit yet but still felt pretty good. I did 30 miles and then a 4 mile run and felt great! Then I was off to get fit on my bike!

Wednesday- Ran 10 miles, felt good. Next week I will do 18 miles. And then last night I swam 3 x 800m and felt great!

Today I am going to head off on a bike ride on my new bike with it fitted. I would like to get at least 40 miles in. And then do a 3000m swim and lift weights later- a big day!

Tomorrow I'll be off and Saturday I am racing at Wildflower.

I am starting to get butterflies realizing that June is only two weeks away and then July I do my Ironman! I signed up for this a year ago! Amazing how fast time goes by!