Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congratulations to Kim LePage- You are an IRONMAN!

My client who I have been working with the last 6 months completed her first Ironman this past weekend! I am so proud of her! Congratulations Kim!

She took this goal head on. She followed everything I told her and worked hard spending hours and hours running, biking, swimming and in the gym to reach her goal of becoming an IRONMAN! Her training was not without obstacles which she overcame like a true athlete and stayed focused on her goal.

She competed at Ironman Cour de'laine where the water was a chilly 57 degrees Farenheit. She had a great swim and a pretty good bike. Her only obstacle during the race was some stomach pain on her run where she found herself having to walk more than she would have liked to but she didn't let it get her down mentally but stayed focused on finishing the day and crossing the finish line to be an IRONMAN!

Great job Kim! You are on an IRONMAN!

Pictured: Kim doing Wildflower Long Course as one of her training races leading up to her Ironman.