Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Perform Better in Rhode Island

I just got back from doing my first presentation with Perform Better. If you haven't heard of Perform Better they have become the #1 conference in the industry for trainers to learn and get continuing education from so I was extremely honored to be on the agenda this year among other names in the industry such as Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Juan Carlos Santana, Martin Rooney, Diane Vives, Anthony Diluligio and ofcourse my husband Alwyn Cosgrove.

My topic was strength training for women and it seemed to be well received. I have to say I was nervous being in that line up of well known speakers in this industry. I think women in this industry and men working with women are looking for guidance and I was able to offer some advice after coaching women for so many years and from a woman's perspective. So I had a good turnout in my room and lots of great feedback.

The last Perform Better conference takes place in Long Beach on June 13th,14th and 15th. If you are on the west coast, don't miss it! The information packed in to these three days is something you can't miss if you are a trainer or someone who wants to get into the fitness industry. Check out their website for more info at www.performbetter.com.

Our entire Results Fitness team of fitness coaches will be in attendance!