Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This week is our last recovery week. Our training builds up one more time for the next couple weeks and then we taper and race. Our training seems to be going as planned. We were both ready for a recovery week. Recovery week doesn't mean no exercise, it just means you give your body a break and cut your volume back but still keep the intensity high. We also are taking two complete rest days this week. Treating ourselves to massages and making sure we get plenty of sleep and good food.

We need to go into our last few weeks feeling fresh and ready to go. Our volume will build up to a peak in a couple of weeks and then the 2 weeks before the race we will taper our volume and get ready to race reaching our ultimate peak on race day.

Pretty exciting! It has been great for me to have this race to focus on because then I will have 16 weeks until my Ironman and I will just keep building my volume from here. My Ironman was too far away to really focus on so this race has been very motivating for me. It is always good to break a big goal down and focus on a more short term goal. Training for this race has really stepped up my training and I have improved a lot. I am anxious to see how I do. One month after this race I have Wildflower as another in between goal and I'll probably do 1 or 2 Olympic distance races before my ironman too. I would like to race a lot this year.

Happy recovery to me!