Sunday, February 25, 2007

Week at a glance...

This past week was a peak week in our training. We are periodizing our training by building our volume for 3 weeks at a time and then recovering for one week. I have also been alternating between building volume and increasing speed every 4 weeks.

Monday- New strength training program which we will perform twice a week right up until the race and a very hard track workout. We did mile repeats as many as you could without a significant drop off. My first one was 8:37, so I was not going to go above 9 min. I ended up getting 8 of them! This was very tough! 8- 1 mile repeats. I used my heart rate monitor as the gauge of when to go again. When I got into the 120s it was time to go again, usually about 1-1:30 minute rests. And I just kept going until my final 8th mile I felt my legs get pretty tired and I hit 9:03. So I was done at that point.

Tuesday- Brick with 30 miles on the bike and a 30 minute run. I felt wiped out. I didn't have a very good workout. I chaulked it up to needing my day off tomorrow but maybe I was getting sick. I cut the run short and only did 25 minutes because I could not keep a good pace, I was averaging like a 10 minute mile. I felt wiped out when we were done. I still had a swim on the schedule which I would do a few hours later. I actually felt good in the pool, my swim went pretty good. I did 5 x 500m each in under 10 minutes.

Wednesday- Day Off, I did take some time to stretch and foam roll. My body has been feeling pretty tight from all of the training.

Thursday and Friday- Sick!!!!

Saturday- I did a 4-5 mile run. I was down in Palos Verdes and couldn't resist running along the trails along the cliffs of the ocean. The run took me 39 minutes so I figure it was anywhere from 4-5 miles. This was my first workout back after being sick and I felt pretty good. I went to the gym and did one round of my strength training routine and then we rode our bikes about 10 miles total to watch the Tour of California bike race finish right here in Santa Clarita. That was very cool to see!

Sunday- On the plan for today is a bike/run x 3. We will bike 5 miles, run 2 miles and repeat 3 times. This is great for practicing transitions which we will set up at my house. I'll let you know how it goes...

For ideas on training plans some of the books I have read and recommend are...

Have an inspired week of training!