Saturday, February 03, 2007

Week at a glance...

This past week was a pretty good week of training for me. I have 8 weeks until my Half Ironman and tomorrow is my Half Marathon. I didn't taper for this half marathon but hope to have improved since last year. It will be a good indicator of how my training is going.

In the past week from Friday to Friday I swam 4300m, with one workout being 40 x 50m on the 1:10min- Try this swim workout- it is tough! I want to do it again in 4 weeks and be able to do all 40 on the 1:00min. My training partner did them on the :45- she's fast! She swims a 50m in about 35 seconds, took 10 seconds rest and went again 40x.

I biked(counting 50 mi indoors)104 miles this week total and I ran 17 miles total.

On Thursday we did a really hard Brick where we climbed for 2600 feet! The ride was 24 miles total and I finished it with a run and was able to hold my 9 min/ mile for about a 3.5 mile run feeling like I could have kept going. Our race in March has the biggest climb of 800ft but in Lake Placid for my Ironman I will climb 1600 feet a couple times in the race. We have great places to train around where we live to be able to climb 2600 feet which will make 800 feet and 1600 feet feel like a breeze!

Good week of training...Wish me luck tomorrow, 8 weeks until my Half Ironman and 24 weeks until my Ironman!

Train hard and stay focused!