Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Triple Layer Brick Sandwich

Tomorrow we have a big Brick planned. Why are they called "Bricks", anyway? Is it because your legs feel like Bricks when you start running or is it because you stack workouts on top of eachother like bricks...anyway, it doesn't really matter because tomorrow we are stacking a 12 mile ride on top of an 8 mile run on top of a 30 mile ride. We have done 3- 2 layer Bricks so far in our training with 20-30 mile rides on the bike and a 30 minute run following but this will be our first 30 mile ride-8 mile run-12 mile ride.

This triple layer brick is something new I am using this season with my training partner and I. The idea is that our run doesn't always get done when we are completely exhausted but instead we will be able to maintain our intensity for the entire Brick training our bodies to run fast consistantly. We will alternate each week, Run-Bike-Run, Bike-Run-Bike. For example, next week we will do 4 mile run- 30 mile bike- 4 mile run. Our intensity on the 4 mile run will be higher and we will be able to run faster than if we did 30 mile bike- 8 mile run. Alternating the Bike and Run on the outside of the Sandwich prioritizes a different one each week.

I am looking forward to our first Triple Layer Brick Sandwich! I'll let you know how it goes!