Friday, March 30, 2007

First race of the season!

The time has come...tomorrow is my first race of the season! I am excited to race again. We are driving down today to Oceanside to register, check out the expo and check in to our hotel. It is me and my training partner, who is also excited to race, and my sister. My sister isn't racing, she is just coming down to cheer us on and be our support crew. She loves the race environment and didn't want to pass up going to a race. We also have a lot of people driving down tomorrow to cheer us on. We are planning to cook dinner at the hotel because we have a full kitchen which is nice.

I love the whole race experience. When I sign up for a race I usually like to stay in a hotel the night before near the race and hang out at the expo and have a little vacation the day before chilling at the hotel and then wake up the next day and race! So, today is about relaxing, getting registered and laying out my stuff for tomorrow. Going to bed early tonight because we have to be in transition before 5:45. So to eat breakfast and everything I'll have to be up pretty early.

The weather should be nice tomorrow. In the 70's and sunny. Last year it rained on us so it will be nice to race in the sunshine!

I'll let you know how it went when I get back! Wish me luck!