Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today we headed out on our usual bike path bike ride. We were set to do a 20 mile tempo ride, nice and flat. We were heading out feeling that it was going to be pretty windy and then there it was- a SNAKE hanging out on the bike path! I almost hit it! I have never seen a snake on a bike ride so that was a first. He was sun bathing on the concrete I guess. He was pretty big though and as we passed and I dodged it he started slithering.

Other than that there wasn't anymore excitement except for a very strong head wind as we were heading out. We felt like we were riding with 40 pound weight vests on but then we made up time on our way back as we flew at close to 30 mph all the way back. Weeeeee!

Good ride, perfect for our first taper week. We are both feeling really good and ready to race!