Saturday, March 24, 2007

Taper Time

The hard work is done and this week we rest and recover and get ready to race. We have a super easy training week this week on purpose. Nothing we do this week will improve our performance at the race. We can't get faster this week, we can't get stronger this week, we can't get more powerful this week- there isn't enough time to recover before the race to see the benefit. The best thing we can do to improve our performance on race day is to take it easy and let our bodies take in all of the training we have done. This is a great week to do some visualization, think through exactly what our nutrition will be, exactly how the transitions will go. We need to practice changing some tires this week. But above all let our bodies rest. The hardest thing is that we will probably feel great this week like we could run a few extra miles, etc. but the key is to hold back and save it for the race.

We can do a lot to mess up all of the training we have done. If we don't taper properly and don't let our bodies rest and recover we will not have an optimal performance on race day. The goal of the workouts this week is to get the blood flowing into the muscles, practice the movements keeping the nervous system alert but not tap into our recovery at all.

Happy Taper!