Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Training on your own

Last week I ended up doing a lot of training on my own because my training partner had the opportunity to go up to a place called Xantusia and train where the Pros train. She had some great training sessions up there and I had some excellent ones down here.

We had a long ride on the plan for Friday and I wasn't too excited about doing it on my own but I have to admit it ended up being a great workout. I love having a training partner who pushes me but every once in awhile it's nice to go out on your own and push yourself. I think I was so afraid that I wouldn't push myself hard enough that I ended up pushing myself extremely hard and doing a lot of climbs but I felt great! I ended up doing 54 miles, climbing 4300 feet in about 3 and a half hours. I finished with a 3 mile run and even after that hard ride I was averageing an 8:59 min/mile pace for the couple miles running. This was a great workout! I was proud of myself for doing it on my own.

On Saturday afternoon I was leaving for a conference so I had to fit in my workouts I was supposed to do on Sunday(I was supposed to be Off on Saturday). So, I swapped and took Sunday off instead while I was in Vegas and before we left on Saturday I took a spinning class...I'll blog on that tomorrow...and then swam 2400m doing 3 x 800m. My swimming is really feeling great!

Got back in town yesterday and went straight to the gym to get my strength training workout done. This is our last big week of training, I am feeling good and looking forward to a great last week of building my training and then two weeks of taper and race! And then start again for the Ironman!