Thursday, March 15, 2007

The race will be easy after all this training...

Yesterday we had our longest workout yet and the longest we'll do before the race in 2 and 1/2 weeks! I started at 11:30am and finished at 5pm. I did 35 miles on my bike with a couple of good climbs and then Ran 4 miles with an average of 9:20 min/mile. Then my training partner joined me for round two on the bike where we did another 30 miles of the same loop and then another 4 mile run(not as fast). I was done at that point and she was heading out for her second loop. It was about 80 degrees out, with a head wind on the way back. The heat was tough! I was going through fluid like crazy.

So, I did a total of 65 miles on my bike and 8 miles of running. The second bike loop my toes were going numb which happened to me on one of our long rides before. I think it is when I don't wear socks so on Saturday I will wear socks to see if it happens again. This is the kind of stuff that it is good to figure out now before the race.

This is the purpose of this type of long workout- basically when it comes time to race there is nothing unexpected...every feeling has already been experienced in training. The race should feel easy after all of the training we have done. During the race I'll have already experienced being extremely hot, tired and exhausted and pushing through anyway during my training so it won't be a new feeling during the race.

I was wiped out last night. I felt kind of nauseous for a little while. Overall, I felt good about the workout and my training partner finished around 6:30pm and had a very good training session- she was actually faster on her second run, impressive!

This morning we met at 5:30am to do our strength training. We have an easy day today and tomorrow and then are heading to La Jolla on Saturday morning for a couple days of training down there. The we'll be tapering for 2 weeks and racing!