Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Half Marathon

Sunday on our way home from La Jolla we stopped in Oceanside to run the race course. The whole thing...all 13 miles... We arrived and it was overcast, nice and cool to run in- perfect! We tried to hit oceanside about the same time as we will be running in the race so the tide would be down. We parked where the transition will be and then walked to the exit of transition and started our stop watches to go. The first loop felt pretty good, again the nice cool weather helped. Second loop wasn't too bad either. I have to say I felt pretty good. I finished the 13 miles in 2 hours exactly. I had Gu2O and a couple Gu's while I was running. My training partner also had a great run- she was very fast and did it in 1:36! Nice job! This was our last big volume workout before the race. The next two weeks we will cut our workouts in half to allow our bodies to recover and get ready for the race!

We are ready to race!